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  1. This post has taken on a form which is neither productive nor helpful. Until I figure out how to delete this, please, all others refrain from posting additional comments. This is supposed to be a place of support and guidance for fellow nurses .... many responders did that, and to those people, I thank you for your time and input. A select few have ruined it for all. If I've misinterpreted any comments, I extend my most sincere apologies.
  2. Wow. I'm a "troll" because I came to a place where I could get advice from others in my profession? Yeah, that's a bit harsh and extreme but I do appreciate ALL the feedback I've received on this post. I've been working extra shifts and haven't had the time to log into the site. I agree my accepting a position in a cardiac critical care unit was both ambitious and a little suicidal but I can handle it. I'm a very safe and competant nurse. My patients are safe. I've had more interactions with Dr Hothead and he gives me the cold shoulder. I just ignore him and go to him only as needed. This is working out great. He continues to look silly and childish. For those of you who gave helpful, supportive responses, I thank you for your time. For those who were unnecessarily harsh, go to Walmart, aisle 6, get some chill. Love to allí ½í¸˜
  3. Wow I can't tell y'all how much your responses have helped me gain clarity on this issue. I had to recover one of his surgical patients today and he kept his contact with me at an absolute bare minimal level... which is fine with me as long as we take care of the patient. My unit manager and charge nurses are aware of this and have witnessed some of his comments to me and they have my back and a few people have made comments to him about easing up. I'm prepared for him and his antics now and the last time he yelled at me I stood my ground. Another physician overhead the exchange and told me later "Great job! Keep standing your ground with him. Stay professional but stay strong. If he doesn't stop, write him up!" This from a physician who gives very few compliments. Made my day and helped me feel validated and confident. So today was a great day. Everyone e kept their cool and the patient was safe. That's a win anyway. Here's to hoping the trend continues.
  4. I've heard that he tends to target anyone who will allow him to do so. I'm the most recent hire and a new nurse so he's marked me with a double bullseye. I heard that his entire CVOR team wrote him up after one of his temper tantrums but haven't heard what the end result was and haven't asked because I try to stay away from the gossip circles. I'm just unsure if I should confront him with my nurse manager as a witness or ignore his behavior and just remain cool, calm, respectful and professional in hopes that he will get bored with the game if he thinks he can't rattle my cage? I'm hoping to hear how others have handled this and what worked as well as what didn't work or made the situation worse
  5. I was taking care of a post op VAT pt and called him(Cardiothoracic surgeon) to report abnormal ABGs(pCO2 of 57) Instead of giving me an order for Bipap or pain meds he told me to call Anesthesia. The anesthesiologist then gave me an order for pain meds. The surgeon went through the roof and yelled at me saying the patient would end up re-intubated due to my stupid mistake(giving pain meds). He then called my nurse manager at home to tell her I was incompetent and should not be caring for post-op surgical patients if I didn't know any better. The anesthesiologist backed me and said the patient was a healthy 33 year old that just need to breath deeper but wouldn't do so because of the pain and so he decided to treat the pain. The surgeon thought bipap was the way to go. The patient did end up on bipap within minutes but would not have tolerated the bipap without pain meds. The surgeon then commented to my boss that he had a beef with anesthesia and was trying to make a point to them by having me call them but he was mad that their first step was pain meds then bipap when what he wanted was bipap. My thoughts are that if he has an issue with anesthesia, he should follow the proper channels to resolve it rather than use me as a pawn in his game and then blame me when anesthesia doesn't do what he wants. This was the beginning. We've had three run ins over the past two weeks since this. It feels like he's gunning for me and several coworkers, even another dr has noticed and told me to write him up and stand my ground.
  6. I've been a nurse for just under a year. I'm being bullied at work by a doctor. I work in a cardiac ICU so we work collaboratively with our doctors toward the goal of good, safe patient care. There is one doctor who has begun to target me with his bully behavior. He yells and is disrespectful in the way he speaks to me both in private and in front of patients and coworkers. He makes comments to others that insinuate I am incompetent and don't do my job. I've had nothing but praise from other doctors, coworkers, even the house supervisor about my performance, knowledge, and professionalism. What can I do to stop this doctor from treating me this way. He has a reputation for doing this to most of the staff but I refuse to spend my career, which I love, being treated this way. Help!! All insight appreciated.