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    Any value in getting NP *and* PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am interested in research and teaching so I'm applying to pursue a PhD in nursing. However, is it practical to also pursue an NP, in terms of ensuring marketability? I know there is a nursing faculty shortage, but NPs are also in high demand... And I'm actually really interested in continuing to practice clinically as well as teach/research. (I've been over the "well, what is your passion?" and "what do you think your purpose is?" and "what would make you most happy?" and those questions are not helpful at this point.) Secondly, if I do an NP and a PhD, should I start by getting board certified and practicing as an NP for a few years, and then look for a teaching position? Or can I just get the NP coursework done, go teach for a while, and then get board certified to practice as an NP when I want to? How intensive or difficult would it be to maintain an FNP certification while working only part time or PRN, if I'm also teaching part time or full time? Thanks for any/all thoughts.