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  1. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    I just received an acceptance call this morning! I can’t wait to meet everyone that’s been accepted!
  2. cassdevo11

    Do not know where to being to make my app better

    I’ve had some success with BYU online. They have various science classes completely online where you just have to have your tests proctored at a local college. 3 credit classes are only $750 and are self-paced, so you can start at any time. I’m in anatomy right now, and it’s very doable. I would also look into taking a graduate pharmacology or pathophysiology class because many schools will allow you to apply the credits towards the DNP classes, and it shows you can handle the graduate level classes. I’m also taking a graduate level pharmacology course right now through University of Massachussets. It’s completely online including exams, but it’s a bit pricier at $1800 for 3 credits.
  3. cassdevo11

    University of Pittsburgh 2021

    I interview on March 16th!
  4. cassdevo11

    VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    Where in the application did you submit the transcripts? I'm not seeing an area to submit those.
  5. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    I believe that there are around 40ish or so just judging by the interview sign-up page. I was told that the interviews would be 1:2 or 1:3 with the director and other faculty, depending on who is available the day of your interview. Last year it looks like they got back to them a few days after the last interview date! Good luck to everyone that's interviewing and for those that interviewed today, hopefully it went well!
  6. cassdevo11

    VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    Does anyone know whether our official transcripts need to be submitted with the application? Or our official GRE scores? I can't seem to find any instructions that say to submit it or to where, but I feel like this is something they would need? I emailed them a few weeks ago, but still have no response.
  7. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    They emailed a link with all of the days and times, and I was able to choose whichever interview slot. My application also still just says submitted. I applied on the second to last day before the deadline, so I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear so soon!
  8. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    Interviews are Feb 3-5 and Feb 10-12. They’re coming up really quickly. I definitely wasn’t expecting them so soon but I guess with an August start, they want to get things moving.
  9. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    I got an interview as well!
  10. cassdevo11

    Marquette CRNA 2020 Admissions

    I applied for the 2020 cohort! It sounds like we should be hearing about interviews in late January/February. I met with one of the administrators in October, and it sounds like they’re planning to do interviews in March!
  11. cassdevo11

    University of Cincinnati CRNA 2021

    I know that we still have about another month to wait on interview invites, but I was just posting to reach out to anyone else who may be applying to UC for a 2021 start. I haven’t found a lot of information on past years application and interview process so I would also love more information on that if anyone knows more about that!
  12. cassdevo11

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2020

    I just submitted my application this week!
  13. cassdevo11

    UW Madison Nurse Residency 2018

    @ERlover7 Did you ever receive an email from HR? They've put the Spring 2018 Nurse Residency on hold. There will for sure be no hires for June/July 2018 and they aren't sure if they will hire for August/September 2018 due to budgeting issues.
  14. cassdevo11

    Year Abroad After Nursing School

    I'm currently a nursing student, but I also have a second degree in Spanish. I have the opportunity to participate in program that gives grants to American college graduates to teach English in Spain after graduating. I have almost 3 years of experience working as a CNA in the float pool of a hospital and 2 years of experience working in a memory care facility. I would like to participate in this program, then work as a nurse when I return. I would like to do this now before I settle down with commitments, and that way when I get back I could fully devote myself to advancing my nursing career. I know that this isn't recommended for new graduates, but I'm just curious if anyone has taken a year off after nursing school and has had success finding a job afterward or if anyone has any advice. Thanks!

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