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Level I Trauma STICU
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Roland57 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Level I Trauma STICU.

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  1. USM CRNA 2021

    We used GroupMe a lot in undergrad!
  2. USM CRNA 2021

    If so I don’t have facebook! But would enjoy getting in touch with everyone before the semester starts. It’s about to be an intense three years for everyone! But this is what we’ve all been waiting for!!
  3. USM CRNA 2021

    I was going to Submit one to LSU if I didn’t get into USM. But luckily that won’t be the case! I really like USM as a staff and campus though. LSU is typically a larger cohort and they don’t give the attention and clinical sites receive more compe...
  4. USM CRNA 2021

    Hell yea! Me too! So stoked to be heading back to the south!
  5. USM CRNA 2021

    Got acceptance! Anyone else?!
  6. USM CRNA 2021

    The biggest thing is they want to know you are serious and making improvements or asking for feedback and doing what they ask is the best way. My stats are: ACLS, PALS, BLS, CCRN, 2.5 Years Level 1 Trauma in the STICU 1 Year Neuro Trauma ICU and CVIC...
  7. USM CRNA 2021

    Yea, they stated that due to covid and the GRE and CCRN centers being closed they will hold off notifications until August 1st. And thanks!
  8. LSU CRNA 2020

    Had mine today! Went well! They asked clinical and personal questions. More personal for sure. Mostly stuff based off your resume as far as clinical. Good luck!
  9. USM CRNA 2021

    It went well I think! And they actually asked both. Personal questions and scenarios about work/school. And then they asked a few clinical questions. Very basic ICU questions based off resume I would assume. Best of luck to you!! They’re very la...
  10. USM CRNA 2021

    Today actually!
  11. LSU CRNA 2020

    CONGRATS! I have an interview with USM as well. When is yours?
  12. USM CRNA 2021

    Yea! I have one! When is your interview?
  13. UAB 2021

    In the past few years they have been both. Typically they have a paper test where you answer more clinical based scenarios and questions, then the interview is more personal with clinical scenarios as well. So I have been told by previous students an...
  14. UAB 2021

    I have an interview on July 16th. 1030! Anyone do the Mobile cohort?
  15. UT-Memphis Health Science

    Nothing here:/