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    ATI test-taking tips?

    Hello! How's everyone doing? I know this is getting old, but do you know any tips to answer ATI proctored exams questions? My score varies from level one to mostly level two. The level two scores are always almost couple of questions away from getting a level three, it's kind of frustrating. I recently took ATI Mental Health, for example, a question about caring for Alzheimers' pop up, asking about the best way to care for them when they wander. Some choices are to lock them in their room, move them closer to the nurses' station, place them in the farthest room, dim the lights at night. To my surprise, according to my instructor, the correct answer is to lock their doors so they can't open it at night when they start to wander. It's the first choice that I crossed out; I was thinking that would be false imprisonment. That is not in the ATI book. I mean, how do I know these based on critical thinking? I'm about to take Maternal Newborn this session and I am way too stressed already on how should I study, a lot of my other classmates mostly did level 1 on this (our cohort is very open in talking about our grades). My resources are mostly practice questions (Evolve, ATI, Cathy Parkes from youtube, RN Nclex Mastery App, RNMentor ATI app, and success' books from Davis) I stay away from coursehero, one student recommend it to me and told me to look at the individual performance profile uploaded in that website and I would know which chapters to focus on. I would appreciate every tip or extra resources! Thank you
  2. Hey guys! I'm trying to hear some opinions about Uworld, I'm an incoming senior of winter 2018 and some of my peers in the upper cohort who are about to graduate next Spring and Summer recommend using Uworld as a practice. I did about 30-50 Q's in an alternate day schedule on Saunder's and I excel throughout my Medsurg class! It is a fantastic book! - Should I purchase a subscription now even though I still have 4 semesters left in school? - How was the alternate format questions look like? (SATA is a challenge for me!) - How many questions are there in a subscription, does it vary on the price? - We use ATI in school, are the questions similar to Uworld? I know it's going to cost me more on top of the other class' books and resources but if it's helping out a lot of nursing students in general, it would be a great investment in the future. Thank you all and I would appreciate every opinion :)
  3. I have 3 semesters left in school and I stumbled on this inspiring article while looking for motivations to finish. Glad I come to Allnurses! I started last year of May looking forward on getting A's just like what I always get in my pre-reqs, but now I believed in C's get degrees!! because that's all I get, *lol. Thank you so much for posting this!
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    Thank you for all the encouragement! I just found out the best way for me to study! My instructors were very dedicated. Hopefully, I'll get to register for Medsurg by the next two weeks. :) !
  5. MT06cRN18


    I remember starting last May of 2017 in nursing school. I was very eager to get all A's and can't wait to do clinicals and start taking good care of my patients. Now, I'm failing Fundamentals, and might pushed back my graduation date. I'm very frustrated and broke, I can't fully concentrate and get my groove back on due to a break up and lack of support system. Started borrowing more books in hope of atleast passing the bare minimums of my exams. I felt like this is a Karma for not making God the center of my life, procrastination, and horrible life choices. I've never felt so dumb and stupid since I started doing clinicals and core nursing courses only thing that keeps me going is this strong passion in my heart to become a nurse, because I deeply know I won't be more satisfied doing something else aside from saving people and making impacts to their lives.
  6. I have transition in Nursing for May, then Health assessment and pathophysiology on July. Then my first clinicals will be on September along with the Speech classe. Ms. Deanna, my student advisor from pearland told me that she don't wanna overwhelm me with too much courses, and also they are offering limited classes every 8 weeks. All in all, I am expecting to graduate by June 2019 You'll get accepted for sure!!!
  7. Did they give you a quick view of what (future) classes, and how many of it you can take on May?
  8. They saved a spot for me on pearland. Hopefully we're gonna be Batch '19 BSN !!!
  9. How was your test? You should be fine! í ½í¸Š was gonna go to the open house but the director from houston campus told me not to do anything but just wait til May classes starts 'cause they saved a spot for me already. Good lawd!
  10. MT06cRN18

    I Really Want To Pursue Nursing But I Have Doubts...

  11. yep, let's all go to pearland i guess, lol.
  12. It's so disappointing, I went there today (Houston Campus) to see how's my registration status' doing. I've already done pretty much everything they asked me to do and pay (pre-payment $875, background check $150, etc) and I was already in the middle of doing the list of forms needed for clinicals (titers, flu, cpr, etc. .) Anyway, they just told me that before they could even get me registered for classes, I need to submit a proof of graduation (Highschool) which is like 5 years ago already, and it is outside US. I only have my diploma now because I went to Lonestar college without any of these proofs needed but only my diploma, and also I have credits taken in one of the university in Philippines (and let spantran do the evaluations). They turned me down because of that, considering they just told me that today and it is due this thursday. It's so ridiculous, now they're just telling me to apply to Pearland campus, and that's like 60 miles away from home.
  13. I got a C on my chemistry, and they didn't took credit for it, unless you bombed the Chemistry section on HESI (should be atleast 80% I would say, they told me 72% would work) I did scored 82% on Chemistry portion so they didn't add that on my curriculum. And it's up to you if you wanna retake a course to boost GPA. I also got a C in Engl 1, but they took credit for it. Basically it's the science portion that will not transferred if you have C below. Right now, I transferred 48 credits and still would take 2 years and one session for my BSN. I thought I will knocked off atleast 2 or 3 semesters. Ohhhh also the algebra, they need 4 credits, but I have 3, they also accepted it telling me that since I got a B on it. But it depends on every applicant's background.
  14. MT06cRN18

    What does "file on hold" mean?

    I'm rooting for ya! :)
  15. [TABLE=class: m_-8865146617081437936outer, width: 600, align: center] [TR] [TD=class: m_-8865146617081437936one-column-headline][TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=class: m_-8865146617081437936inner m_-8865146617081437936contents][h=1] I GOT THIS MESSAGE!!! No one's available right now to clear this off my head. Does this mean my application for Jan/2017 start will not be considered??? Chamberlain Houston Campus – Anticipated Board of Nursing Status Change[/h][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: m_-8865146617081437936one-column][TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=class: m_-8865146617081437936inner m_-8865146617081437936contents]Dear Ma Carissa, Thank you for your interest in attending Chamberlain College of Nursing at our Houston Campus. We wanted to provide you with some important updates on our program so that you can make an informed decision about attending Chamberlain College of Nursing. At Chamberlain College of Nursing we are committed to academic excellence and student success. Our goal is to ensure quality academic outcomes and that you are well-prepared for nursing practice, to pass the NCLEX® licensing exam, and to serve as an extraordinary nurse who will make a real difference in transforming healthcare. Houston NCLEX Pass Rates Across the United States, nursing programs are evaluated based on their graduates' performance on the NCLEX® – the exam that all nursing school graduates must take in order to be licensed as a registered nurse (RN). Specifically, state boards of nursing track the pass rates for graduates' first attempt at the NCLEX and set standards for desired pass rates. The NCLEX first attempt pass rates for Chamberlain's Houston campus was 78.4% for the Texas Board of Nursing reporting period that ended September 30, 2016. Although the Houston campus first attempt pass rates were at the highest level in three years, we were unable to reach the desired level of 80% within the time period for evaluation. In fact, we missed the required pass rate by just two students. Anticipated Status Change As a result, we anticipate that the Texas Board of Nursing will change the status of our Houston campus from Full Approval with Warning” to Conditional Approval” following the January 19, 2017 board meeting. A campus with Conditional Approval” status is temporarily not allowed to admit new students, but currently enrolled students are not affected. Therefore, we will not be accepting applications beyond the upcoming January 2017 class. Please be assured that the only impact to the Houston campus is the temporary cessation of admissions, which will be reevaluated following the Texas Board of Nursing reporting period in October 2017. This does not impact our accreditation, and we remain approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. Conditional Approval status does not impact the ability of our students to progress in the program, to graduate, or to take and pass the NCLEX. Chamberlain's campuses in Pearland (just south of Houston) and Irving (in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) are evaluated independently for NCLEX pass rates, and their admissions will not be impacted. For information on either of these locations, please visit chamberlain.edu/pearland or chamberlain.edu/irving. Ongoing Efforts for Improvement We remain proactive in our efforts to continue to improve the NCLEX scores for our Houston campus. This includes ensuring our students are aware of the academic resources available so they are prepared to pass the NCLEX on the first attempt. We encourage our students to utilize their access to one on one tutoring, a robust NCLEX preparatory program, and coaching and mentoring resources to prepare for the NCLEX. Additionally, we recently released our Student Commitments to formalize policies that help our students achieve their educational and career goals. We have the full support of the Board of Nursing regarding our plans for improving NCLEX scores and feel very confident in our ability to achieve our NCLEX pass rate goal. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any specific questions. We look forward to supporting you in becoming an extraordinary nurse who will transform healthcare in the Houston community and beyond. Sincerest regards, Sherri B. Springer Director of Admission, Houston Campus Chamberlain College of Nursing [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  16. Dang. I got a phone call this morning. Telling me my average score is 87% then they will move forward to evaluating my transcript.