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    Co-worker issue

    Sorry guys, this is a boring co-worker issue but I’m conflicted on what to do. I recently started a new job as a Case Manager at a community health center. This facility has a walk-in clinic and on this particular day my mom sent me a text telling me she had come through the walk-in and told me what room she was in and asked me to come see her. When I went in the room a floor nurse was doing vitals. I chatted with my mom until she did the BP. I noticed that the BP cuff was too small and almost popped off when she was inflating it. When she was done she asked my mom if her BP was always high to which she said no but maybe because she was in pain. I spoke up and said she needed a larger cuff. The nurse said the only one larger was a thigh cuff and I said what about the red cuffs in the other rooms and she said this was the largest besides the thigh cuff. I dropped it after that and that was the extent of our conversation. She finished with her charting and said the provider would be in in a few minutes. I come in the next day and get pulled aside by one of the NP’s who says that I was out of line for “calling her out” in front of a patient and I should have pulled her aside outside the room. I tried to explain that the patient was my mom and I know her history and I wasn’t in there as a nurse but as a concerned family member. She wouldn’t let me say much and said I needed to apologize to the nurse that was in the room. I was more stunned then anything and just said ok and walked off. I don’t work with this girl and we barely ever cross paths. I don’t even know her name. But I did try to find her after speaking with the NP and couldn’t so went back to work. As the day went on I replayed the scene in my head thinking where exactly was I in the wrong. I even asked my mom if I sounded rude or anything to which she said not at all. So here I am needing some outside opinions. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I merely was advocating for my mom, which is what I go to every appt with her for, because that BP wasn’t correct. On the outside looking in, I wouldn’t have said a damn thing if I would have known it was going to blow up into this. Should I just suck it up and apologize or stick to my guns that I didn’t do anything wrong?