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    Training and Hiring Process in World Citi Medical Center?

    I was a former employee from 2011-2014 and the process before was quite different. I started my training with them fourth quarter of 2010 to early 2011 however those were the times that training fee was 10k high though special areas and haemodialysis ( outsourced back then) were covered by the program... volunteerism and training fees was a big issue that time and a certain ex trainee exposed that situation in WCMC via media (the receipt bearing the hosp name was shown in national news 😶) so that situation stopped the supposedly a faster turn over of nurse trainees to float position. Some waited and some didn't. I even landed taking a call center job while expecting to be called that eventually I left due to nursing is really my cup of tea. 3Rd quarter of 2011 I joined them as a float nurse. I found out I belong to the Top 10 of our batch. I was assigned in a very toxic ward.In a matter of 11/2 yrs I got promoted to one of the special areas. A lot of senior staff were leaving by that time and most of them worked for more than 4 yrs. After few more months I got transferred again laterally to another special area.The whole experience I had with them was beneficial to the kind career I saw for myself however everything is not perfect with conflicts ranging from the medical director is in not good terms with the asst nursing director, the hosp was too ambitious with their goals which don't match the current situation etc. On 2014 I resigned to pursue an overseas career. This institution has a lot of things to improve. But what matters most is the difference you make to your patients eventhough your in strife of what nurses should receive in terms of compensation. Attendance is equivalent to a day's salary here. I think there have been improvements and hope the new nurses would feel free to be part of it. Most of the senior nurses ahead of me and batchmates who also went abroad are now all successful in their respective nursing fields bearing the experience from WCMC. Hope this helps :) The Guico's who owns WCMC with Henry Sy's company won the bid in privatizing Philippine Orthopedic Hospital in 2014. They need additional 200 + nurse plantilia to be part of WCMC and POH in the future.