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  1. OSU OKC Fall 2017

    @hhowardhutton ok I just found 2 groups for Fall 2017, one has around 41 members so I don't know how accurate that is since some of the members were added like a year ago. And there was another one with 2 members which I'm guessing that's the one you...
  2. OSU OKC Fall 2017

    @yourshoesareuntied I tried enrolling too but it said I didn't have the role or permission or something to do that. Did it go through when you did it?
  3. OSU OKC Fall 2017

    Is it a private group because I tried to find it but couldn't. can you put the link on this?
  4. OSU OKC Fall 2017

    I got mine too!!
  5. OSU OKC Fall 2017

    You got a confirmation in your email?! í ½í¸³ I didn't í ½í¸³ Now I'm scared they misplaced my packet.
  6. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    We should be getting them today because they sent them out Thursday. I got rejected í ½í¸• They look at cumulative gpa and that was only 3.1 for me leaving me with just 72 points í ½í¸­
  7. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Yeah they said by the end of the week. Hearing you all get your letters is what's making it worse lol, I just want to know my status too! I'm staying calm, if I don't get it by Monday I'll call again to make sure they didn't lose my application or an...
  8. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Did anyone get their letters today? I didn't and I'm scared to call í ½í¸­
  9. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    I know it's just not right that they sent half out, did they not think that would drive those of us who haven't gotten our letters crazy? Ugh I hope they sent it out and we get them today!
  10. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Jenbin21, that's the exact thing I was worried about! Like at occc there was this huge procedure to turn your application packet in so you knew it would get turned in. Here though I just handed it to someone and that was it. What if they had to go pe...
  11. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Does anyone know if they would tell us how many points we had or if they would tell us if we were accepted over the phone? I didn't get my letter today either and it's making me nervous since you all have
  12. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    They accepted my classes in order to apply for he program they just didn't give me preference points for them. So for the a&p 1&2 and they didn't accept microbiology at all so I'm taking it again this semester
  13. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Im much too close for my liking,I counted 82 points with Gaytra before applying but I got rejected from occc because they didn't give me points for my brown mackie classes. If that happens here then I know I'll be out. I wish they notified by email s...
  14. OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Does anyone know when they start sending out the letters? I would think after the 31st but do they ever send them out earlier?
  15. OCCC Spring 2017

    2 more weeks, we can do this y'all. The 31st will be here before you know it