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  1. What kind of "corporate setting" are you referring to? I am looking to get away from bedside nursing and into something along the line of Utilization Review/Quality but am disturbed by the large pay cut I would be taking.
  2. I have a friend who works for Cigna and she has been trying to get me to come work with her for a while. I've dismissed the thought because I've always heard that insurance review doesn't pay as well as bedside nursing (I'm currently working with an ...
  3. Health trust or another agency

    I have worked for HCA hospitals since 2015 and just recently began working for HealthTrust. I am in TN, so I can't speak about the staffing ratios in Florida. However, in TN the most patients you can have on a Med Surg floor is 5 and in the ICU is 3....
  4. Getting away from bedside

    I have been nursing since 2016, beginning my career in an IMCU and now currently an ICU. I was also a CNA for a year and a half while in school. I was struggling with the Nursing field three months after graduating but chalked it up to being in the ...
  5. I am still a baby nurse and just recently began working in a Neuro ICU. I previously worked in an Intermediate care unit for 7 months at a comprehensive stroke hospital and had confused patients often. I am am having a hard time adjusting to the neu...
  6. Going to a Neuro ICU

    The floor that I came from is considered a critical care step down unit. We got a lot of tach vents and drips that couldn't be on a med surg floor but didn't meet CCU criteria. I also came from a level 2 hospital and was a tech on the floor a little...
  7. Going to a Neuro ICU

    It is. However the hospital im at gives us critical patient with a medsurg staff ratio so it's extremely overwhelming
  8. Going to a Neuro ICU

    I expected that. But right now I come from a floor with 4:1-5:1 all bed jumpers and drug addicts and needy patient who won't stay still and pull off their tele and Ivs. I feel like the Neuro ICU will certainly have its challenging moments but at leas...
  9. What are nurse/patient ratios in Nashville hospital ICU's

    You're not housekeeping a skyline and I'm pretty sure you are not housekeeping at Vandy either. That just doesn't make any sense quite frankly.
  10. What are nurse/patient ratios in Nashville hospital ICU's

    The ratio is 3:1 in all of the Skyline CCUs except the trauma ICU where it is only 2:1. However, trauma unit nurses often get floated within the hospital depending on census :)
  11. Going to a Neuro ICU

    I am leaving my first job as a new nurse after 7 months to embark on a new adventure into Neuro. I have accepted a Neuro ICU position at the second largest hospital in my area. My first job was a Pulmonary Intermediate Care Unit. Thankfully, the hosp...
  12. I have only been nursing for 3 months on my own as a new grad nurse. I work on an Intermediate Care Unit that has high acuity patients in a level 2 trauma hospital. As of right now, and basically since I have started nursing, I am realizing that I mi...
  13. I am a new grad nurse that began working on a floor that I had been a tech on for over a year while in nursing school. I was hesitant to apply for the floor since I knew I wanted something more challenging than a basic med-surg floor. After speaking ...