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  1. I've been in my current position on a tele obs floor for 10 months (7 months off orientation). At my hospital there's a 15 month requirement for positions, so I can transfer floors if I want in March. Anyway, for awhile I felt like I was in the groove and was really digging things. I thought if I kept my current schedule (3 nights in a row) then I would stay on my floor forever. I really like my coworkers and we had safe ratios and life was good. More recently, things have gotten crazy and morale is in the toilet. We've been chronically understaffed and are given too many patients too quickly, we've become a true overflow floor, yadda yadda yadda....you know how it is. So I'm thinking of leaving my floor but I don't know where to go. How do new nurses know what floors they like? What's the best way of figuring out where to go? How do you know when to leave bedside or the hospital altogether? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. JCD2712

    Good area to relocate to?

    I'm a new nurse in the Philadelphia area, and it's very competitive here. My classmates who got jobs really fast moved to Nashville (Vanderbilt UMC), Baltimore, and Hershey, PA (Penn State Hershey MC).
  3. JCD2712

    Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow!

    Follow up! My computer shut off at 77 questions. I hit 75 and had to give myself a pep talk because it didn't turn off...and then it did, two questions later! I don't want to sound like a little s*** but I have had harder exams at nursing school. I didn't get asked about a single drug, which I am grateful for because straight up pharmacology isn't my strong point. A lot of leadership questions and SATA. You can do it! It's mostly head games, so just steel yourself mentally and you can do it! Good luck!
  4. JCD2712

    Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow!

    I wanted to write this post about my experience, including how long everything took and how I prepared, and then tomorrow after I take the exam, I'll update it with my thoughts. As much as I love live-Tweeting, that is obviously impossible in this situation, haha! I've been using allnurses a lot throughout my nursing program and in the month afterwards to study, so all though some of this may be repetitive, maybe it will help someone out there. Ok, so: I graduated from an accelerated second degree BSN program July 31. I was eager to take my exam ASAP so I had already submitted my license application a few weeks earlier then (I'm in PA). My school sent my transcripts to the Board of Nursing August 9, and I didn't receive my ATT until August 31. I signed up for my exam that same day, and the only three test days available in my area -- within 40 miles of Philadelphia -- were Sept 10, Sept 25, or Sept 26. I was very surprised at this, because I had assumed that testing would be offered every day at a variety of times. After graduation, I took a weeklong vacation and then started studying. Me and four other friends all chipped in for one UWorld account, which has worked great for us. I don't recommend this if you absolutely feel like you need to track your performance, though you can always write down your score after you take a quiz, or if you and your friends all want to take the self-assessment. I did varying numbers of questions per day...my goal was 200 but that did not happen, haha. As of right now I have done 1800 questions total. As everyone else has said: read the rationales! UWorld is great, and their rationales are super helpful. I did some ATI because my school used that, but it's not my favorite so I used UWorld way more. I also received a pink ATI book for attending ATI's live review offered at my school, and that book was pretty helpful. I read two chapters: fundamentals and leadership which had a lot of information in them that I felt I missed in class so I feel more confident now in these topics. Today I just did about 50 questions and reviewed lab values. I am really sick of studying and am finding it hard to make myself do anymore, so I'm not going to force my precious brain at this point. I'm going to the gym soon and then will watch a movie tonight to relax. My exam is at 2pm tomorrow, which is great because I am not naturally a morning person. I'll sleep in, have a good breakfast and probably a light lunch as I get more nervous. My husband is walking me to the train at 1pm, and I"ll arrive 30 minutes before my exam, as they recommend. Right now I'm feeling good. I have been scoring above 50% consistently in UWorld, and usually in the 60s, and even sometimes getting 70-75%. I think I will pass tomorrow, but I'm worried that my confidence will get shaken when the questions get hard and when I feel like I'm guessing. I'm scared that the computer won't shut off at 75, but if I'm honest, I think that's mostly my ego talking! I could pass even if I get all 265 questions, though I don't know about my endurance. Let me know if you have any questions about the application process or anything like that, and I'll update this tomorrow if I am emotionally stable enough to do so
  5. JCD2712

    Starting clinicals: where to put FitBit Charge 2?

    I'm just a student, but I'm in my fourth clinical, and from what I've seen and experienced, I think you could probably just wear your FitBit. My understanding is that submerging it would be bad, but the splashes of water from hand washing would be fine. Plus you'll probably be using the foaming hand sanitizer a lot more than doing actual hand washing. I see a lot of nurses with FitBits and Apple Watches, so I think you'll be in good complany. Are you going to use it as a watch for clincals? If so you'll want to change the watch face to analog with a second hand.
  6. JCD2712

    Clinical makes me want to quit

    You are not alone. Hang in there. I'm a nursing student about to start my third round of clinicals, and they get so much better. I started with med-surg on an adult oncology and transplant floor, and I had some similar experiences: feeling sad, feeling overwhelmed, feeling disgusted. So I repeat: hang in there! So many of my classmates and I have turned to each other and said, "I. HATE. THIS" but we kept going, and things have gotten better. There are tricks of the trade to help you not feel physically sick (sniff an alcohol pad after leaving a room to "erase" the smell, ie) but I think you will have to deal with emotional stuff -- you said you don't want to get used to seeing wounds like that, but I think as a nurse you need to have that game face. Your patients and their dignity requires it. More exposure will help. You should get used to it -- don't become emotionally numb to human suffering, but you have to get past the squeamish stage. And you will! It sounds crazy, like how could I ever get used to the smell of urine? But I am now. And you will be too. It's the crucible, so don't give up now. Also, someone else correct me if I'm wrong.....but I've heard that once you're an RN working the floor, those beloved CNAs do a lot of the toileting As a nurse you need to know how to clean someone up, but perhaps you won't be doing it all shift. And lastly, I've also heard that every nurse has that one thing that makes them gag: vomit, poop, urine, menstrual blood, phlegm, etc. Find a friend with a different gag trigger and trade :) Hope this helps! HANG IN THERE NURSE
  7. JCD2712

    U Penn Second Degree ABSN 2017

    I got an email, but I was not accepted. Congratulations to everyone who was!
  8. JCD2712

    U Penn Second Degree ABSN 2017

    Haven't heard anything at all. I just sent my fall transcripts, so I'm telling myself that Penn was waiting to see my final grades before contacting me...
  9. JCD2712

    Villanova BSN Express May 2017

    I was registered for CHE 122 at Montgomery County Community College, but RateMyProfessor listed my prof with a terrible score, so I wasn't looking forward to Organic Chem at all. When I emailed to make sure that CHE 122 would fulfill the requirement, Kristin suggested CHEM 108 at Geneva College (via Portage Learning). It's the same price as taking the class in person, plus it's self-paced and completely online with no textbooks or extra costs, so I dropped my Montco class and am taking it through Geneva. Fingers crossed...
  10. JCD2712

    Portage learning Chemistry course

    I know this is an old post, but I'm starting an accelerated BSN program at Villanova University this summer, and they directly recommended CHE 108 at Portage Learning via Geneva College. I was going to take Organic Chem at a local community college, but it's the same price to take it online, plus the class is self-paced. My school said " Portage Learning through Geneva College is also is good option if you haven't started classes yet. (CHE 108) Their courses are high quality and very reasonably priced." so I'm going that route!
  11. JCD2712

    A & P and Microbiology

    I've taken both A&Ps. High school biology was a decade ago for me I went to a private high school and took freshman biology and AP biology, so I feel like I had a good, solid foundation in biology. However, Anatomy & Physiology are college level courses so they're harder than high school. At the same time, they're not impossible. I mean, I have a non-science degree and didn't study a lick of biology in the past ten years and I did just fine. BTW, Khan Academy is great for A&P, and I also really like the "Crash Course" series for Anatomy & Physiology. Definitely check those out!
  12. JCD2712

    A & P and Microbiology

    I'm taking A&P II and Microbiology right now, along with Chemistry and Statistics. Like you, I don't work and I live at home. I'm busy, and I'm focused, but it's not insane, and my grades are good. Sounds like you could probably handle it...you never know until you try! Good luck.
  13. JCD2712

    Interested in ABSN - How long does prereqs take?

    I started working on my prereqs in Fall of 2015, and I'll be finishing them and starting an accelerated nursing program in May 2017, so 4 semesters. I took two classes at a time until I quit my job to speed things along, and then I took four. However, my school requires two prereqs that not every school requires, so I guess it could have been three semesters.
  14. JCD2712

    2nd Degree Nursing Student Help/Advice!

    I was in a similar situation. I have a Bachelor's Degree already, and once I made the decision to become a nurse, I was rarin' to go! I wanted to do everything fast-fast and get to nursing school already! But that's obviously impossible :) Anyway, here's what I did and my thoughts (all classes taken a local community colleges): Fall 2015: working full time, took Nutrition and Developmental/Lifespan Psychology. Both online, both straight As. Spring 2016: working full time, took Introduction to Psychology online and A&P I in the classroom. Both straight As (lots of studying for A&P...sometimes at work!) Fall 2016: quit my job, took Statistics, General Chemistry, A&P II, and Microbiology. Difficult, but doable. Straight As in Stats and Chem; A- in Micro, B in A&P II. My thoughts: Online classes fit nicely into a busy person's schedule, and they seem to be easier. Lots of busy work -- discussion board postings, responding to assigned readings, papers, etc -- but the tests are open book. They do require effort, but I found it easy to achieve As. A&P I was hard, but not impossible. I loved my professor, and I think my class schedule (Friday nights, Saturday mornings) helped me a lot. I probably studied 2-3 hours most nights of the week, but I love sitting at a coffeeshop learning biology, so I actually didn't mind that much. Microbiology is really interesting, in my opinion. It's also not as challenging as I thought. I'm hoping to bring my A- up to a full fledged A with the final next week. Find a good professor. A&P II is hard. I dislike my prof but the material is much more detailed than A&P I. The class average is 71%, and I'm at 85%. My suggestions: If you're serious about achieving high grades, you can probably do it. I recommend isolating A&P II and taking no other classes with it, but taking a Psych class or Nutrition with A&P I would be fine. Wait until after you do A&P I before taking Microbiology. In fact, Micro will probably be easier if you take A&P II first, and taking Chemistry before those would make more sense. My order is all messed up, but oh well! I'm starting nursing school in May :) Sorry for the long post. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. Good luck!
  15. JCD2712

    U Penn Second Degree ABSN 2017

    I applied for the ABSN and am waiting...impatiently! I had an interview with Villanova and have been accepted there, and I have to mail my deposit check by December 20. I reeeeally wanted to hear from Penn before then. I guess if I do manage to get an interview I'd still take it, but I'd hate to waste $900 securing my spot at Villanova. All this to say: I'm so anxious to hear from Penn! Hang in there, everyone :)
  16. JCD2712

    Villanova BSN Express May 2017

    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted, and good luck to those still waiting -- I know it's hard to do! I don't know if this is OK to post here, but if anyone is looking for housing, let me know...I would love to get a house or something with fellow Villanova students instead of strangers, as my budget is low, and Main Line prices are high!