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  1. Goodmom2

    Ivy tech online program

    The program is 7 weeks online-cost $895.00. There are readings-assignments and 42 CE hours at the end. It sound like something I might want...my concern is employment. I am located just outside of Indianapolis Indiana. Recent events have made me think if I could get more training like this I can help nurses in situations where I make a difference.
  2. Goodmom2

    Ivy tech online program

    Any thoughts on the online LNC program? 7 weeks -intense and 42 CE with possible new position some where in southern Marion county or northern Johnson county. After reading some comments on other programs I am skeptical-sounds too good to be true.I am a experienced RN -over 30 years experience.Thank you
  3. He is wrong.No further discussion.Male ego crushed so he comes out with this bs about suing.Stay strong.....
  4. Previously worked corrections-infirmary ward -typically 2 nurses-meds -treatments-emergencies and also covered clinic emergencies and facility stuff that came up. 16 infirmary patients apiece-sometime a nursing assistant sometimes not. Did this for many years-more then 20 years at 2 different facilities. When I felt the inmates were treated better then staff time to leave th toxic area.Looked forward never back.
  5. Goodmom2

    Corizon RN - wages & raises

    I was a corrections RN through agency-state nurse then private owners -PHS, CMS and Cprizon.(over 20 years in corrections,nursing) What made me quit was pay issue. I went from 36 hour a week ( 3 12 hour shifts) to prn status Due to change of status my pay was dropped 3.00 an hour. Their base rate for prn rn 25.50 hour . When I realized this -that my pay was the same as a new graduate it was time to leave. I did ask HSA and was told that is the way it is. They didn't care about experience as a nurse or in corrections it was not going to be changed for me. Scarey to leave comfort zone but I would not drive the hour drive for very long days for less money.Just my two cents. Thank you