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eaRNdit is a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU.

Former Labor & Delivery nurse turned PACU/AICU nurse. Still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up...

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    CQi clinical analyst

  2. I see this post is old, but I'm wondering if you ever got a good answer or have any advice? I'm in a similar situation right now. I'm early in my career (4years experience) and have my bachelor's. I've completed a quality improvement fellowship at my hospital and the job I'm being offered is very similar to the one you described. Thanks!!
  3. eaRNdit

    I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse and we have two male nurses on our unit. Our patients love having them and always send them cards and thank you notes and praise their experience. All of our nurses love working with them!
  4. eaRNdit

    L&D to PACU

    Hi all! For the past year I've been working in Labor & Delivery at a large, tertiary care teaching facility. In my first year as a nurse, I realized that even though I thought this was the specialty for me, it's really not. I am going to be starting a new position in the PACU next month and I'm really excited! During nursing school I did a summer internship in the MICU at this hospital and really enjoyed critical care. My only concern is that for the past year I have not been working in med surg. In L&D I circulate in the OR and follow my patients to the L&D PACU until they are transferred to the postpartum floor, so I do have some post-op experience and feel that I have a good general sense of what to assess for immediately after surgery. There are just so many types of procedures and critically ill patients at my hospital that I'm worried I'll look dumb! I've been reading AACN's Essentials of Critical Care Nursing to prepare. Anyone have any tips or advice on how to make my transition smooth? Thanks!!
  5. eaRNdit

    How much does GRE matter?

    Hi - I'm interested in applying to CRNA school within the next couple of years and I was wondering... for those of you who have been accepted to schools/are currently enrolled in a program- how much did your GRE score weigh in your admission status? Thanks!