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  1. Hello I currently have my LPN license and was wondering if I should pursue my RN before moving or dive right in make the move. I plan on doing the LPN to BSN regardless of location. But I just am so ready to start my life in Alaska, but don't know if I should wait or go for it. Any advice on the Anchorage nursing area would be great. I currently live in TN. Thanks in advance.
  2. stephymay

    Are there jobs for lpns in ak?

    Hi, I'm graduating in December and plan to move to Alaska after I take the NCLEX and work 3 months in TN. I am just wondering if there are jobs for newer LPN grads in Alaska. I've Checked INDEED and there doesn't seem to be many, just home health type jobs. I would really enjoy working in a clinic type setting. I'm wondering if the job posting just are not advertised and you have to go to certain websites. Where at in Alaska do you think LPN's would have the best of luck? I plan on getting my RN as soon as possible, maybe this wouldn't be a bad idea before moving? Thanks in advance for the help! You guys are awesome.