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  1. New Grad in NYC

    Hello everyone! I'm a new grad and kind of stuck in a limbo with my job search. I have a job lined up for me, but I was furloughed from the company 4 months ago and apparently waiting for HR's approval to bring me back could take another 2-3 months. ...
  2. NY license posting wait time

    I just got my physical one! Exactly a week after haha!
  3. NY license posting wait time

    Update! I took my exam on 7/6 and my license number was posted on 7/16. ? Just waiting for the physical license now... Another waiting game LOL
  4. Pearson 48hrs Quick Results

    Mine was 48 hours from the time I finished the exam. I thought it was 48 hours from my exam appointment and I was just refreshing like crazy for 1.5 hours ?
  5. NY license posting wait time

    Hi! I took my exam July 6th and got my results July 8th. I know it probably won't be up for like 2 weeks but I've still been checking everyday ?
  6. NYU ABSN Fall 2018

    Hello everyone, I'm also waiting to hear back as well. Starting to lose hope