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  1. OCCC Spring 2017

    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! There was a mix up with my email, I guess. I just got an email rejection letter addressed to someone who is not me. The name in the beginning was completely wrong, but somehow it made it to my email. I call...
  2. OCCC Spring 2017

    I just called admissions and they said between tomorrow and Monday they will be sending out emails. They already have the list of who all is accepted/not accepted, they just have to send the emails out!
  3. OCCC Spring 2017

    That is ridiculous!! THANKSGIVING?? Praying she was ignorant. Update us when you find out anything else!
  4. OCCC Spring 2017

    I am SO with you on that one!! I get a notification that I got an email, excitedly check my email, then it's like "UGH! That's NOT what I wanted to see!" Once we all know if we got in, we are going to be so much more chill and we can relax... until ...
  5. OCCC Spring 2017

    Okay, so we have about two days left of waiting! Who all feels anxious?? I sure do. I just want to know already, and for some reason, I really want to start buying nursing supplies. I cannot wait for scrubs! That may sound overly enthusiastic, but I ...
  6. OCCC Spring 2017

    REALLY???? :woot:
  7. OCCC Spring 2017

    I have definitely been checking my email at least 3-4 times a day, hoping I see something from admissions or the Nursing program. Just a bunch of mass emails though Maybe a week from today we will all have some news!
  8. OCCC Spring 2017

    Okay guys, we have got about 12 days left until they are SUPPOSED to start releasing acceptance/rejection emails! Everyone send up prayers, positive vibes, good thoughts, etc. We have got this! Although we don't know each other yet, I hope and pray t...
  9. OCCC Spring 2017

    I submitted my application I think August 25th or 26th, I know the deadline was on September 2nd... I'm so anxious to hear back if I'm accepted or not! Does anyone know yet if they got in? Or do we know when we will find out?