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  1. newnurse Fresno

    still getting my feet wet

    Oh I ask questions! I almost feel like I am always asking, I think that's why I get a little embarrassed, and I don't hesitate to ask if I feel like a patient's safety is at risk. I guess I just hate still being so unsure of things. I know I am not the only one to feel this way but its still frustrating.
  2. newnurse Fresno

    still getting my feet wet

    brand new nurse here 3 months , still cant get over that feeling that some days I am not that good at this!! Some days I find myself still getting so overwhelmed. I also find myself so intimidated by certain tasks like IV starts or anything that requires those nursing skills that I feel I am lacking. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to ask for help because I don't want my coworkers seeing me as incompetent, although I have a lot of support on my unit. I have made a few mistakes along the way and I beat myself up for it. I find myself so anxious driving into work somedays, literally praying to have an easy day. Please tell me I will get there!! Also had a super emotional day and cried with a patient the other day. I got really attached to this patient because I had been caring for her on every shift for 2 weeks and they finally transferred her to a higher level of care, another hospital in another town. As I was saying goodbye to her we both started crying. once again I was super embarrassed in front of my coworkers for being so emotional. ughh. just needing to vent and hope someone has some advise
  3. I honestly think you have a chance. don't give up. I got my license against all odds. Get a lawyer if you have money, your BAC was so low, that will make a difference... my advice is to also attend aa meetings and get proof and also get letters. I wrote a very heartfelt letter and was very honest about my discretions. I did not make excuses and took full responsibility. Good luck to you. You got this!!
  4. newnurse Fresno

    Visalia - kaweah delta

    I actually got the job. Ive been there about two months. So far its been good, I did about 8 weeks of orientation and I have gotten a lot of support from my coworkers
  5. newnurse Fresno

    Applying with a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND

    I was just going to comment that in the case of furtherance of justice, no you do not have to disclose. but It looks like you figured that out.
  6. newnurse Fresno

    Stipulated Settlements CA BRN

    Ten months seems like an awful long time, sorry you are dealing with this and I wish I had answers for you. I knew it was going to take a while for them to work on my case and it took at least three months, but I ended up with a unrestricted license. I guess all you can do I wait. I wonder if taking a trip to Sacramento would get you any answers? Best of luck to you!!
  7. newnurse Fresno

    how soon is too soon?

    I worked with a different preceptor for two days and what a difference it made!!
  8. newnurse Fresno

    how soon is too soon?

    So I took the first job I was offered at a hospital 45 minutes away from where I live. I have only been there 6 weeks and I am not out of orientation. I really want to give myself 6 months but honestly so far I am not sure if I like it. I am still really unsure of myself and my orientation is almost over. My preceptor honestly makes it worse. she stands over me and just waits for me to make a mistake. she is very intimidating. I am always asking questions because there is just so much that i feel like maybe I forgot from school and she acts like I should already know more than I do. I know my skills aren't that great at times but I have never done anything to compromise a patient's safety and that is what she put I my evaluation, that I need to put patient safety first. She also put that my strength is never hesitating to ask if I am unsure. Isn't that contradicting? Some days I feel so nervous heading in to work. A part of me wants to apply somewhere else, somewhere closer and maybe a different dept. The floor a work on now is a med surg clinical decision unit, a lot of tely patients. and patients are always coming and going and we can have up to five patients at a time. Should I wait it out before I start applying somewhere else?
  9. newnurse Fresno

    Got the ATT

    I am so sorry I just saw this, this was a older thread. So I submitted everything. I gave them letters of recommendation, I gave them proof of my rehabilitation, I also had my charges expunged. I also went to meetings and got signatures and sent in that. also the court docs will have to be certified. its 25 a copy. btw I am also out of the central valley !! good luck to you
  10. newnurse Fresno

    Florida license by endorsement

    Might I add that I didn't have a problem with my background getting a job here either. They can only go back 7 years in California and cannot users expunged records against you when applying for a job
  11. newnurse Fresno

    Florida license by endorsement

    Getting my license in Cali was a bit of a pain in the ass and I stressed most of the time thinking I would be denied. Is the process in Florida the same? I have heard ( don't know if its true ) that once you get a license in Cali you can get one anywhere. So how hard is Florida on past convictions? My history is very old felonies expunged from 2002 and have a DUI over 10 years old. Now that I am a nurse I was thinking about putting in a good year here then making a life changing move across country, but I would think twice if I cant get licenced
  12. newnurse Fresno

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    Omg this is me. 3 days in and I'm miserable. Not to mention I'm tired as hell from night shift. I was doing a patient admit and felt like I couldn't even talk. I'm a mess. My coworkers probably think I'm a idiot. I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable but I pray it gets better. I bartended and served food for years and I thought I'd still at least have those people skills. But nope. I'm all nerves. Just doing vitals I feel like a bull in a china closet, getting tangle up on stuff!!
  13. newnurse Fresno

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    Yes and they always have us put on gloves for patient contact. First nursing shift where I'm at...do I need gloves to pass this med? Preceptor said yes always put your gloves on. Although I've seen other pass oral meds with out. Guess I was just a little confused on the norm. Kind of sorry I asked now
  14. newnurse Fresno

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    Well I guess I was misinformed or under the impression we put gloves on when entering the room. That's the impression I was getting from my preceptor.
  15. newnurse Fresno

    Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    I know we are suppose to use gloves for everything. And I always put gloves on as soon as i go into the room , but I have seen many nurses not use gloves if they are just passing a oral med. Is this acceptable? In reality you are not touching the patient, you scan his band, scan the med and put it in the med cup. I can see why they wouldn't use gloves, it seems it would be easier to open those dang pills without them! But isnt this frowned upon?