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  1. Congratulations @eeens148 on being accepted to another program! I think it is up to you, but if you've already made your decision, I don't think it would hurt if you reached out to Oz. just my two cents - and again, congrats!
  2. @AmyJ and @SilverCloud11 i got an email and have also been invited to interview for Adult Gero ! Since it’s a Saturday I’m flying in for an in person interview I picked 2/8 at 9:00am.
  3. Hi @SilverCloud11 ! glad i'm not the only one who applied, and yes staying positive too haha
  4. Congrats @CNMh0peful! I applied to the Adult-Gero track, has anyone else who applied to this track heard anything yet? Thanks!
  5. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    @alev awesome I'll see you there!
  6. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    @Flor Juarez @Marin520 this is helpful! my interview is this Friday afternoon. I'm excited and nervous (mostly nervous) at the same time! I will be sure to breathe...haha. Anyone else have their interviews on Friday? per my email there may be a meetup later that day after the interviews. Best of luck to all!
  7. Congratulations @rachel.leone!
  8. Hi guys! I also saw that email from Oz but didn't see any follow up email stating it was in error. I think that message was intended for all applicants (APNI/DNP and RN to DNP). Anyway, anyone else applied for the Adult-Gero (Primary Care) NP track? I think it was already mentioned in earlier posts about the number of APNI applications per track and the number of people who actually got in, but I could be wrong? I'm just curious about the odds on getting accepted into the AG(primary care) NP track. This waiting game is just making me nervous. haha. Fingers crossed for everyone! Excuse me while I try relax and breathe deeply
  9. kmd1005

    OHSU Acc Bacc/Acc Bacc to DNP 2020 Cohort

    @GratefulKiki i applied to the ABSN to DNP (Psych-Mental Health) track. All of my transcripts were sent and verified except for two so I'm waiting on that. And then once that's done, the waiting game really begins.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm creating this topic for those who have already or are finishing up their NursingCAS applications for the 2020 Cohort for either of the following programs at Oregon Health and Science University: Accelerated Bachelors, 3-year (traditional) Bachelors, or the Acc Bachelors to DNP/PhD. Hope everyone is doing well! Deadline is January 6, 2020 for some of these programs.
  11. Thanks @rachel.leone! I'm just curious about a few things that she or you can answer: Overall experience in the program (prelicensure and APNI)/ did the program prepare them well for the NP role (and NP cert exams)? Affording tuition plus living expenses for all four years: it is expected that we're going to need to take out ALOT on student loans? How many hours/week were they able to work in years 2, 3, 4 Ability and time it took to secure a NP job after graduation and passing the ANCC/AANP for NP certification I realize these may all be quite loaded inquiries/questions, so I appreciate the feedback on these Thank you!
  12. Is there anyone here who is or knows someone who is already in the APNI program? I am curious as to how they're doing in their respective tracks. I'm also curious about APNI alumni and their experience, as there isn't much information on alumni of this program on the website. Also for those of you who are planning to move to WA (which I fully intend to if I get accepted), is it recommended we stay close to the school? Seattle itself is quite pricey (comparable to SF/bay area where I'm at) so I've been looking at least from Shoreline, WA and north from there. Thanks all! Hope everyone's hanging in there! This wait is certainly brutal!
  13. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi @TachyRNStudent! I am moving onto the next steps and have Jan 31 as my interview date! Would love to touch base with you as well if you're available? I live and work in the east bay!
  14. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi guys, I received an update and have been invited for an interview (AGPCNP)! Mine is on the 31st. To those who have yet to receive anything, I hope you get updates. To those who did not get a chance to move forward, I am sorry - but just as the others have mentioned, this is not the end of your journey. Keep going and keep pushing forward.
  15. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi guys, I just received a response from ******: "Unfortunately, we are still working on this stage of screening. I am hoping to have notifications out next week."

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