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  1. PowerliftingLady

    I'm too weak to be a Cna

    I think watching the khan academy series on heart physiology might help with the understanding behind diastolic and systolic blood pressure if theory is what you are having issues with. Perhaps being able to visualize what is occurring internally will help you with the actual skill of knowing what your listening for. Otherwise just practice more, on yourself, your roommates, your pets, hmm maybe not your pets but you get the idea. As for strength I wholeheartedly agree with the above poster! Join your schools gym and start lifting, as a new lifter you should find gains that will make your work as a CNA a lot less worrisome. It might be intimidating at first, but most gyms have tours where staff will show you the basic safety precautions and what not.
  2. PowerliftingLady

    Lift and Learn!

    Record a synopsis of your lecture or lab to listen to in the gym. The same recording can also be listened to while driving. When you are lifting weights or running your oxygen saturation increases. This excess oxygen reaches the brain making it easier to learn. More information will be retained when you study while working out! Plus, the exercise will decrease the stress hormone cortisol, making nursing school a less stressful seeming experience.
  3. PowerliftingLady

    Nursing school with prerequisites included

    Rasmussen College has no entry requirements except for a low score on the TEAS test. Supposedly it only taks 18 months to complete the program for an ASN-RN. The program even has all the prerequisites worked into those eighteen months, with many non core nursing courses available online. I was going to give it a try until I did some deeper research of the school and learned how low their graduation rates were and the NCLEX pass rate was less than half the incoming classes. I don't know much about Herzing, but I would do some extensive research on how many students actually complete the program in the advertised amount of time or at all. I think some schools publish their graduation rates out of the number of students entering the final term who pass not the amount that pass the final term from the incoming class.
  4. I was actually wondering if this is even possible! I am hoping to start a second degree BSN program in a little over a year for now rather than starting a PrivateSchool in January. I really want to get my foot in the door so to speak but I have no formal nursing education. I had thought you had to be a student and in clinicals to work as a nurse tech only in the areas that you have been trained in in clinicals. Boy am I glad to learn I was wrong! Can you give any advise on how you applied for the position? Did you just find listings that said no certification was required? How did you modify your resume to shine without having hands on experience in school or a nurses aid class?
  5. PowerliftingLady


    Has anyone taken both the TEAS V and the new ATI TEAS 6? If so how did your scores compare? Did you feel studying for the TEAS V prepared you for the new test? I can only find resources for the older TEAS test at the library and am worried.
  6. PowerliftingLady

    Start ADN now or finish BA first?

    Thank you for your replies. The more I think about it the more I feel going back to school to complete a BA and do some sciences again would best prepare me for a nursing program. Although I do want to complete my degree as soon as possible and start working, I feel I should take the warnings about private for profit schools to heart. The admissions reps keep calling and emailing sounding more and more like salesmen! I am a bit apprehensive about the competitive nature of the second degree BSN program and all the less competitive programs have years long wait lists. Perhaps spending a term at community college completing an emergency med tech or nurses aide course would help me get a job in a hospital to alleviate my need to work while I pursue school more slowly.
  7. PowerliftingLady

    Pre-Nursing Student

    I too have been researching hospitals that offer tuition for work contacts. Sadly I have not found any I my area. Sometimes I think if the nursing shortage were true and not an advertisement tactic by colleges, then more hospitals would offer such programs? I think the HRSA nurse corps program is going to be something I apply for next year! It seems like a wonderful opportunity but very competitive. I am also looking into the Navy Nurse Candidate Program, but am under the impression that it does not cover all tuition and a five year contract seems like a long time.
  8. PowerliftingLady

    quitting school, pls help.

    ,I a not sure if this is the answer that you are looking for but some of the other careers I have considered pursuing were mentioned above by BrendanO. I am still mulling over the idea of becoming a physical therapist instead of a nurse if I finish my bachelors in arts instead of starting an associates in nursing right away. I love all things related to sports and fitness so it might actually be a better fit for me, as I am uncertain of how I will cope with the darker side of nursing. As others have asked, what about nursing makes you think it is not for you?
  9. PowerliftingLady

    Start ADN now or finish BA first?

    I am hoping to become a registered nurse on the fastest track possible. There is a local private school offers a eighteen month associates degree I could potentially start in January. The major drawbacks are the tuition and that it is not a bachelors program. They also offer a twelve month second degree BSN program. As do some of the less expensive public Univerisites. Rather than starting from scratch in the ADN program this January, I think I can finish my BA in education through an online degree completion program. I should be able to do this on quite a budget as I think I can get a few scholarships and the tuition is low. I would only have to complete two science classes in person that are not part of the BA degree. Then I could pursue second degree BSN programs. Even if I choose the private school, the tuition would be less, a lot less if I went through a public university. The drawbacks are that the public university is very competitive and applications have to be done several months in advanced. So there might be a six month gap between when I finish my BA and when I can start a BSN. At the private school, I think I would be able to finish a BSN around the same time as I would if I started the ASN program now. Potentially it would take three months longe because of term starts and transcripts etc. My short term goal is to become a nurse as quickly as possible, my long term goal is to work at the VA or as a civilian on a military base.
  10. PowerliftingLady

    Study Slowly

    Education is an endurance event for the mind. Take your time and study a little bit every day.you want to comprehend the information that you are learning, so that you can apply the knowledge to real life situations. You do not want to cram material into your short term memory just to pass a test.
  11. PowerliftingLady

    Making ends meet in nursing scool?

    I am likely to be in the same situation as you when I start nursing school. Well I already have to tell my kids no to a lot of things. For me I know that going to school is my only way out of being poor. Working for minimum wage barely pays for what we need, I don't have Internet or tv, just a phone, I buy stuff at thrift stores etc. and am going to have to sign up for the local charity Christmas drive like the one I used to volunteer at! I have been a mom for over a decade but only single for a year and it has been the most difficult experience of my life. I think there are two things that keep my hope growing, going to church and lifting weights. I know it might sound cliche but having a sense of fellowship at my church keeps me optimistic because there are many people who have been broken down and are now lifted up (including a few nurses and even a med student). I know that everything is ultimately up to God's will but by knowing other people who have gone from poverty and working class to having real careers and calling is an amazing transformation to watch. Working out for me just makes me feel like everything will work out! When I set a new personal record for myself I feel on top of the world for a few days despite whatever obstacles the world might throw at me. There are several heavy compound lifts that supposedly increase certain neurotransmitters that result in elevated mood and better sleep. Some gyms eve have sliding scale memberships to make them affordable, my gym gave me a six month free membership after talking to the manager when I could not afford it. However I think most schools have gyms, which is something I am looking forward to.
  12. PowerliftingLady

    Wearing scrubs at the gym??

    Well I know this is the men's forum and an old post but... Are scrubs comfortable for lifting in or not? I plan to start a RN program in January and think my only time for lifting will be right after school or over lunch. We have to wear scrubs for lecture and lab days as well as clinicals. From the way the schedule for clinicals are I either will not lift those days or have a hour break and not be in a rush. Feedback on lifting while in school is appreciated as my only me time is in the power rack and having to give up lifting is my greatest fear about going back to school. Thanks bros.
  13. PowerliftingLady

    TEAS 6 Best Test Prep/Study Guide/Study Manual

    H, I need a 75% for my school and have scored 80% using an app for teas V. My library does not have the new practice guide. What are some of the better but not published by ATI study guides for the new teas 6?
  14. PowerliftingLady

    Rasmussen or not?

    Hello Sharon, I am so happy to hear how well Rasmussen has worked out for you as I was a bit skeptical due to the conditional accreditation for the ADN program. My ultimate goal is to work at a VA hospital or a base hospital but I know that requires a bachelors degree. So I hope to work at a rural primary care clinic until that day comes. Do you know if the RN to BSN bridge program requires a certain amount of time working to apply? Or do you know anyone who graduated with an ADN went straight to work and into the bridge program? That is so cool that your hospital is paying the majority of the tuition! I really hope I can get into a facility that will do the same.
  15. PowerliftingLady

    Rasmussen or not?

    . hi lilac, basically everything I asked Sharon in the post above I could ask you as well. Thanks.
  16. PowerliftingLady

    Rasmussen or not?

    f hi Sharon. If you are still here on all nurses, I am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how it was finding a job with a degree from Rasmussen. How long after graduating till you were hired? I plan to do the 18 month RN program. Then work and complete the year BSN program at the same time. I am new to all nurses and the dream of becoming a RN but appreciate your time and knowledge. Thanks