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  1. julie17


    Did anybody apply for UMSON CNL Spring 2020?
  2. julie17

    Howard Community College Fall 2017 Second Lottery

    Lol wait you're kidding right....all spring finishers are going to be waitlisted? Why? Is this true?
  3. julie17

    Howard Community College Fall 2017 Second Lottery

    I'm waiting until June for my decision because I was placed as a "spring finisher" since I'm completing only 1 prerequisite at UMD. I heard about people getting wait listed for the first lottery and I'm kind of nervous now for the second lottery. I'm out of county as well.
  4. I'm out of county as well. First lottery is the end of March, it's for people who completed all their pre-reqs. Second lottery is sometime in June, it's for "Spring finisher" who are currently completing pre-reqs. You get priority if you're in HOCO then out of county and so on. Idk if I read/heard this right, but supposedly the more co-reqs/pre-reqs you have completed it is a higher chance you'll get in.
  5. I just did my HESI last week and completed the application off at the beginning of January. I doubt I'll be place in the first slot because I have all my pre-reqs done except microbiology
  6. Yea oops that's what I meant, March not May.
  7. I'm so nervous..I'm not sure when decisions are supposed to be released exactly. Only a ball park of it being around May
  8. Is anybody else applying to HCC traditional RN program for this upcoming Fall 2017?

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