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  1. CSULB Spring 2017

    Same for me. I turned all my transcripts in. I read somewhere that it takes a while to reflect on the to-do list because they have so many transcripts to process. I had the same unpleasant experience with admission. Hope this helped.
  2. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I'm just a transfer student. I'm going to CSULB with 60 transferable units.
  3. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    They only look at the Golden 4 when they determine your GPA. Yes, CSULB only looks at your overall score and Reading score. CSULB use to look at your math score but everybody was getting perfect scores so they had to switch it up to keep it competi...
  4. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I am so excited to start in spring 2017. I did my prerequisites at Santa Ana College. I don't mind sharing my scores, My Science GPA: 3.67 My GED GPA: 4.0 Overall TEAS: 88% TEAS Reading: 92% Good Luck to you all.
  5. CSULB Spring 2017

    Are all students required to take the WPE? This is the first I'm hearing about it.
  6. CSULB Spring 2017

    I'm digging my new email address. Haha
  7. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I got accepted into CSULB. Thank you all for the support.
  8. CSULB Spring 2017

    Good to hear!Hope you get to make it home for the holidays. I'm making a trip to Alabama before we start the program. So happy for you
  9. CSULB Spring 2017

    See you at orientation. I'll be the one with the biggest smile! Lol. Thanks for all your support gals and guys.
  10. CSULB Spring 2017

    Ward had just sent emails!
  11. CSULB Spring 2017

    I am in. I am in!!!!
  12. CSULB Spring 2017

    My status is still pending too. Congrats to those who are in. I'm happy for you. Now send some luck my way.
  13. CSULB Spring 2017

    Thanks for all the great info and feedback. I appreciate it.
  14. CSULB Spring 2017

    I just called. Mona Lisa said that we should get a response before Nov 1st. She said you could also check acceptance at school website although I don't know how. I asked if they post an acceptance list and she said no. All applicants will be notifie...
  15. CSULB Spring 2017

    Good morning people. So who's calling today?!