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  1. LadyAn

    NCLEX RN exam 2018 - finished at 265q

    Its easier said than done but try to keep busy until tomorrow! Hopeful your state license board will post your update tmr. Best of luck. Keep us updated!
  2. LadyAn

    NCLEX RN exam 2018 - finished at 265q

    I had a very similar exam to you. I also balled my eyes out from the elevator to the car all the way home. I got 265q and thought I failed for sure. I felt like I knew nothing! I prayed when I got home and then did the PVT trick and Bam! I got the good pop. I was still very anxious for the next 24 hrs. Then I saw my license # on the BON page next morning Congratulations my dear! Chances are You passed! Try distracting yourself for the next 24-48 hrs. Go see a movie, walk around the mall, whatever makes you happy. I'll keep you in my prayers
  3. LadyAn

    What makes one a "great nurse"?

    Hello everyone, Im entering the final semester of nursing school. After four long and hard years, I received GREAT news today. I will be in Labor/Delivery at a major teaching hospital in my area! Im so happy and excited to be on this particular unit. I was born there some 24 years ago. LOOL I wont tell anyone there! So what makes one a "great nurse"? I want to work on emulating some of these traits within myself
  4. LadyAn

    What you learned in school vs on the job

    Yes, it a BSN program. About 89-90% of students who graduated from the school in 2015 passed on their first time. They do a good job of preparing us for the NCLEX as all our peds, med surg courses had NCLEX style questions
  5. LadyAn

    What you learned in school vs on the job

    I am so glad you asked this question. I am a senior in my final year of nursing school, and I am in a "huh" phase. I am not sure why our program spends very little time on our practical nursing skills instead of theory and public health?? Last month, my cousin gave birth and I was in her L & D room looking at the fetal heart monitor strip and I actually didn't know how to read it. I went home cried my eyes out to my mom because I felt so incompetent. I am looking forward to hearing how nurses learned most of their nursing skills