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  1. Sam Houston Spring 2023

    hello thank you for making this thread Here are my stats: Nursing Science GPA: 3.5 Core GPA: 3.4 TEAS Math: .100% TEAS Reading: 85.1% overall score 92 I pray we all get accepted 🙂
  2. UTMB Spring 2023

    Same to you as well.
  3. UTMB Spring 2023

    Oh okay thank you for letting me know. I applied for a couple other schools as well.
  4. UTMB Spring 2023

    I think I was denied it says no active application so I think that means I got denied.
  5. UTMB Spring 2023

    I haven't heard anything back either.
  6. UTMB Spring 2023

    Congratulations so happy for you. Yayyyy!
  7. UTMB Spring 2023

    It's okay I'm going to apply for TWU as well and I heard that there student that already go there get picked first and they said they only had 88 spots and had 335 applicants.
  8. UTMB Spring 2023

    I just got my denial letter from sam Houston so hopefully I get accepted into utmb. And I believe its classes throughout the week they have to academic calendar on the website were you can see the classes. And I live far away as well.
  9. UTMB Spring 2023

    I was going to apply to TWU as well. And yes I hope we all do to and we can help each other out. The program is super fast paste I heard.
  10. UTMB Spring 2023

    This is my first time applying as well. I pray we all get in. And I hope they tell us sooner then later. Did you guys apply to any other nursing schools. I applied to Sam Houston as well.
  11. UTMB Spring 2023

    Wow they extended it again. They must didn't get alot of applicants or something. Good they did for those that couldn't make the first deadline date.
  12. UTMB Spring 2023

    Really that is weird but I believe it still should be okay and You should receive it in a couple days then also check your junk mail and spam to make sure its not there. I completed everything on my application before hand just needed to turn in my p...
  13. UTMB Spring 2023

    I think you should be okay I did everything late as well actually turned in my application June 30th and received supplement application a couple days later and now it says my application is complete do I think you should be okay.
  14. UTMB Spring 2023

    Oh yea I seen that too they extended the deadline. Hey @nfe how was the process from last time you applied?
  15. UTMB Spring 2023

    Hello I have been looking for a thread or group me for utmb Spring 23. I am still working on my application well just my personal statment. You have great stats. My stats are 92 TEAS 3.5 GPA