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  1. braids

    Trauma level III

    I will soon be a graduate nurse and am currently interviewing for jobs. I have always thought I would do great in ED, but the only interview I have landed in ED is a trauma level III center. It's a great hospital and the ED has won several prestigious awards, but I eventually may want to travel and work trauma level I centers. Is a trauma level III center a great starting point, or is it a waste of time?
  2. braids

    How to get into trauma nursing

    Thank you so much! That helps a ton!
  3. braids

    How to get into trauma nursing

    I work as a patient care tech on a med/surg floor now. i also recently took part in an international humanitarian disaster course. When I graduate I would like to work in the emergency dept. Eventually, I would like to be part of the trauma team as well. I know that takes experience and training. In addition, I would also like to get involved in an organization that provides medical relief in times of disaster such as tornado, earthquake, or hurricane just to name a few. I guess I'm asking is there anything that I can do this summer to help me become more qualified to get hired on in the emergency department? I know it is highly competitive. I'm just looking to get some experience that makes me stand out from the rest. I would also be interested in any training that would better prepare me to join an emergency response team in the future.
  4. braids

    How to get into trauma nursing

    I am a second semester junior in nursing school. I recently took a disaster relief class and it really inspired me. I have this summer off and I was looking for some sort of trauma or first response training that I could do in that time. Everything I find either requires a license first or costs thousands of dollars. My goal is to 1) keep me motivated, excited, and busy over summer break; 2) gain experience that will help me secure a job in the emergency/trauma or ICU; and 3) gain experience and knowledge that will help me if I should ever get the opportunity to assist in a disaster. Does anyone have any suggestions?