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  1. tekialove

    Need help deciding between job offers

    Hi there, I am open to any position at this point. Just so ready to get started.
  2. tekialove

    Need help deciding between job offers

    Hi there, I would really like to know the area or state you are in. I am a Board Certified new grad FNP. I have been searching for a job for over a year. I am located in Memphis Tn and have reached out to everyone I know. I have called all managers from my past, friends that are NP's and even clinical preceptors. I have applied for every job on Indeed that I could and it's always... (Unfortunately..) This is so Depressing. Any input on areas to look. I also got licensed in Texas and have a California pending. Thanks
  3. tekialove

    My Tips on Passing the AANP Exam

    Hello All, I am very happy to say... I PASSED the ANCC on Sep 20, 2017. This was my second time and the questions were just as hard as before. I basically used my Barkley CD's to study this time. Just glad it's over!!! Good Luck to future test takers
  4. tekialove

    My Tips on Passing the AANP Exam

    Hello Futureapn2, I would love to join a study group. I am in a struggle with when to retake the AANC. I am willing to try anything at this point. Hopefully this will help us. Thanks
  5. tekialove

    Anyone taken the AANP in 2017?!

    Hello there, I will be taking the AANP test for the second time next week. I tested in January after a live review and failed. I thought I knew the material and studied really hard but came up short. I pray that Im successful this time. This is starting to bring me down. I will go over some of you topics, Thanks and wish me luck.
  6. tekialove

    My Tips on Passing the AANP Exam

    Hi There, And Congrats on passing. I am taking the AANP for the second time in a few days in hopes of being successful. I just took the Hollier Aug4-6 and won a predictor test. I am very nervous and don't really remember what was on my test in January. I am scared about the antibiotics, did you have lots of med questions that you can remember? Any help would be appreciated
  7. tekialove

    Failed AANP....Help

    Hello everyone, I just took the AANP and failed. I really thought I would do well. I studied the Leik book (Family Nurse Practitioner Certification) and I listened to the Barkley CD's which were great. I also took the Hollier review the first week of January. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Feeling really down at this time. Thanks
  8. tekialove

    Anyone live/work in Florence area?

    I just moved from that area and guess what im from that exact place its a good place to raise kids and start a family,pretty safe also, but downfall is the pay very low for RN;S