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  1. marie_1

    Good pop up trick?

    Does the "good pop up trick" still work now that everything is online? if someone could explain the steps as well if it does. I took my NCLEX today. I felt pretty confident at the beginning and thought for sure my test would cut off at 100 or below questions and I went all the way to 265!! About 40 of them were SATA. Now I'm concerned that I failed which is why I want to try the trick :-(
  2. marie_1

    Nursing jobs

    Thank you so much for your insight and sharing your experiences :)
  3. marie_1

    Nursing jobs

    I also thought that but for some reason I really did not like it. Also, working in LTC for so long sadly makes me feel somewhat discouraged from wanting to be a nurse anymore. The expectations are so high and unrealistic and I feel I can not provide quality care. maybe this is also why I'm having such difficulty thinking of a speciality, but I hope with the new opportunities I'll have as a RN I'll find something I'll enjoy.
  4. marie_1

    Nursing jobs

    I have been working as a LPN for 5+ years. God willing I will be passing NCLEX this month and will begin to venture out from LTC into a hospital setting. My questions is kind of hard to explain but I'll just put it this way, What do you love most about the speciality you are in? And did you're clinicals influence the route you took? I absolutely hate med surg and know I do NOT want to work on that floor. I also thought I wanted to be an OB or Peds nurse but after my clinicals do not feel like it is the fit for me but I am still convincing myself it may be. I am now considering ICU or ED but my clinical rotation for ED wasn't so exciting and ICU scares me at times. I also always wanted to get into forensics but don't hear too frequently about forensic nursing jobs. I'm just completely clueless as to what jobs to start applying for, did you take whatever job were offered to you or available? Any advice would greatly be appreciated :-)
  5. looking for advice/opinions on current situation. I have been working as a LPN for about 5+ years and went to school for my bachelors in Nursing. I am now waiting for my application to be accepted and to receive my att number for RN NCLEX. My questions is, is it too early to start applying to positions now without an actual test date? And has anyone had experiences applying to a RN position but actually working as a LPN until they passed RN boards? I really want to get my foot in the door somewhere and get a head start before getting my RN license. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!

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