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  1. RNC OB prep - 3 weeks left!

    Hey AreN4lyfe, I did not use any online study materials as the test I took was a new test just offered.😳. I was part of the trial group for the inpatient antepartum test. I studied by looking at all the different categories and subcategories they ha...
  2. Acoustic Stimulation on pregnant women

    thanks for your response!
  3. 6 Couplets on Postpartum

    Postpartum home visiting sounds like a great job and $4 more an hour is awesome too. As a point of reference I am in the midwest and at a Catholic Hospital as well!!
  4. 6 Couplets on Postpartum

    I agree w/ all comments, seriously checking sitz temp? and what the heck w/ all the void checks. Our vag deliveries we check time and amount for 12 hours. C/sections it is time and out for 24 hours after a foley is pulled. Bless your heart. ...
  5. RNC OB prep - 3 weeks left!

    I am late to this forum but came looking for suggestions for the RNC test that is now being offered for antepartum. I hope you were successful in passing. What did you find the most helpful for study purposes. The antepartum test is so new it does...
  6. How Could She Have Died?

    I am late in commenting to this but our hospital uses a tool at discharge for all postpartum patients called the "Post Birth Warning Signs". One of them specifically mentions calling a health care provider for headaches that do not go away with medi...
  7. Acoustic Stimulation on pregnant women

    I have been an OB nurse for over 30 years. I have NEVER done acoustic stimulation. I am just wondering if anyone else has and if they practice it at their hospital?