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  1. Seriousely,do you even use algebraic equations ?

    When I first went back to college for my degree in Biology I placed into Algebra I when I took my math placement exam. I had to take Algebra I, II, and Intermediate Algebra just to get to college level. From there, I took Precalc., Calc. I, and Cal...
  2. Seriousely,do you even use algebraic equations ?

    Hi, First, all algebra teaches you is how to manipulate equations. The concepts are not too in depth, it just shows you over and over how to change equations around without changing their value. Actually, I use my algebra from time to time trying t...
  3. MSN for Non-nurses, your opinion...

    No practical experience doesn't seem accurate. While you're in a doctor of nursing program you have to do 1500 hours of clinicals. That's the equivalent of 30 hours a week for a year. That IS some experience--enough to know if you are in the right...
  4. Facts/Advice on future career move.

    Hi everyone, I am currently getting ready to graduate from Case Western with a bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry. I was once on a pre-med track but decided not to pursue it for a couple of reasons. One is that I am over 30 and would really ...
  5. NP vs PA

    Hi, To all currently practicing NP s. Can you tell me what you know about the job market in urban settings for NP's and how being an NP compares to being a PA. Thanks for the info.
  6. MSN for Non-nurses, your opinion...

    Hi everyone, I'm reading these posts and honestly don't know what to think. I have a bachelors in Bio. and Chem. I am going into a 4 year ND program which will give me my RN degree in 2 years, then a MSN, then finally a ND degree. It's been expl...