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  1. grandelondonfog

    Georgetown MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Hi all! I wanted to make this forum for people who got accepted into Georgetown's MSN FNP program. Are you going to accept it? Why or Why not?
  2. Hi, I am a senior in high school and I am curious about clinical experience between these two schools. I know that clinicals are very important for a future nurse so I would like to hear from some people about their experience with these schools. I have been hearing mixed opinions about Ohio State but the cost of the school is too hard to pass up when comparing to the tuition cost at Case. (My sister is in a lot of debt from that school). However, Case has been called the Harvard of Ohio and is a gateway school to Ivy leagues... Whichever school I attend, I hope go to a school that will provide me the best experience so I can be the best RN I can be. If anyone can help me out with my question please let me know. Thank you!