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  1. Jennifer,RN

    PICC dressing change with 3M Tegaderm with CHG

    It will dry. You don't drench the whole area with the whole 10cc, you use a little bit at a time for the CHG gel that's difficult to remove. The website itself says to use an alcohol pad or normal saline to remove the CHG gel. This is the practice we use on the floor that I work on where the majority of my patients have PICC lines. Furthermore, you are cleansing the site with Chlorhexidine after the fact, anyway.
  2. Jennifer,RN

    PICC dressing change with 3M Tegaderm with CHG

    Use a 10 cc saline syringe and squirt a little bit at a time on the CHG part. It helps! I work on a floor where most of our people have PICC lines. I absolutely hate when the PICCs are Stat locked vs being stitched in. I feel your pain. Yikes!
  3. Jennifer,RN

    Suspicion About Med Error

    Could the reason be that the patient is acting up is because this is a new caretaker? I know he has Dementia, but changes in routine for these patients can lead to delirium. If the medications are documented as given, they are given. I would be very careful assuming someone isn't doing their job when it could be all sorts of things that are causing his change in behavior. Exactly. I personally wouldn't work on a unit where nurses are out to get one another. It would make practice even more dangerous because nurses would feel compelled to hide errors rather then be honest.
  4. Jennifer,RN

    Running the pump dry

    I personally use a primary and secondary set up for these situations. I like this set up because the primary can then flush whatever medication is left in the tubing after the secondary is complete. There are certain situations where medications must be primary. For instance; a cardiac drip, Insulin, or some other critical drip. With these, I don't run them dry. I'll wait until the bag is empty, but that there is still medication in the chamber. It's a PAIN to deal with air in the line and like other people stated, you will just waste more of the medication.
  5. Jennifer,RN

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    I never said I wouldn't make them aware of their behaviors. I'm saying making them aware while under the influence, they may not remember. This is where nursing notes come into play. I personally document behavior in notes. If they don't remember how they acted and then read it in a nursing note and become upset because they don't remember, then what?
  6. Jennifer,RN

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    Dealing with it at the time it occurs may not be the safest depending on a patient's temperament. I don't know about you, but I've worked on a Med-Surg unit in one of the roughest neighborhoods in my state. We had A LOT of patients with unpredictable and violent behavior who would become erratic just because you didn't bring them a juice in a timely manner. Or they'd become erratic because they couldn't get a narcotic they were looking for. Sure, we point out to them that their behavior is inappropriate. However, some of these people are so drunk or high on substances that they're not going to remember that they were being inappropriate or that we told them they were inappropriate. If they don't remember and then see it in a note and become upset, then what? I personally document behavior in my notes, so that there's a trail in case anything goes down. I have been both verbally and physically assaulted and I have witnessed this with coworkers, as well.
  7. Jennifer,RN

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    I'm not against patient's having access to their medical records. What I am against is that sometimes we write progress notes that describe a patient's behavior if it's inappropriate. What if that patient then tries to come after the nurse stating that that never took place? They have the nurses full name. I'm not comfortable with that.