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  1. New grad here. Just found out I passed NCLEX a couple of days ago. Before graduating, I applied to the small hospital in my rural area and was offered two positions (one ICU and one nursery). I really wanted the nursery position BUT since I will eventually end up in psych, I thought that maybe ICU would be a better fit since I will have alot of clinical experience afterwards. Now it's 4 hours before I start my first orientation shift and I'm sort of regretting it. Should I tell my manager? The Labor and Delivery position is still open and before I waste their resources, I would like to tell someone. But I'm scared of what they will think of me. Another reason why I decided to go the ICU route was because the human resources manager said the census would sometimes be low for nursery. Please help.
  2. Goldenrod

    Not Studying Much for the NCLEX. So Tired of Questions.

    Update: I passed NCLEX in 75 questions in an hour and 20 minutes. UWorld is the best resource I could've ever used.
  3. Goldenrod

    Not Studying Much for the NCLEX. So Tired of Questions.

    I'm using UWORLD. Thank you!
  4. Hello guys, I will take the NCLEX this week and I've been doing UWORLD, I've did maybe 1100 questions but I don't feel like anything is sticking. I actually have an amazing NCLEX tips guide from Reddit, I put it below. I will study it the two days before NCLEX. Anyone out there that's taken the NCLEX after feeling like this? I have 900 questions left. I'm only now going to go over Pharm and Prioritization because those are my areas that I need to brush up on. I'm also going to go back and read Endocrine, Cardiac, Respiratory, and Neuro notes that I highlighted in UWORLD. I was going to do the Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment book but I literally can't do anymore questions outside of UWORLD. At this point it's my only resource. It's pretty good with prioritizing, rationales etc... I've been only study for one week btw. NCLEX TIPS.pdf
  5. Goldenrod

    He Said I "Act Like I'm In Med School or Something!"

    Wow. Crazy