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  1. Good day my fellow brilliant and passionate nurses. Please will anyone be kind enough to share ideas and advice on my present challenges faced with endorsing my New York State licence. I am a UK nurse graduate with 3 and a half years experience in general medicine ( med/surg) and i recently immigrated to the US with my family in 2018 and precisely now live in Georgia. I passed my NClex in feb 2019 with the NY BON and i applied to the Georgia bon for liscensure endorsement as RN, they required a CES report from CGfns and after my report evaluation, i was told that i have a deficiency in peads/obs/pyhch nursing hereby refusing to issue me a licence. I got a job since March 2019 and my employers have been waiting, but strangely i have done some research and found out that Texas, Washington dc and some few states don't require a CES report for foreign graduates, hence i was wondering on relocating to Texas or Washington Dc, or New York to work, but I am concerned about nurses demand in these states. I cant afford a tuition fee for the deficiency course plus there are no schools in Georgia offering the course. Please can anyone give me a hint on best places to work in New York, Washington DC and Texas and of course family friendly environment to raise brilliant kids. your responses and hints of names of good receptive hospitals will be greatly appreciated. By the way, i am originally from Nigeria just in case anyone might know me...lol....