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    PVT Trick September 2016

    After spending 48 grueling hours digging up every last PVT related allnurses post, analyzing every possibility, trying the trick over and over and over again, I promised myself that I would post my own experience with the NCLEX and the PVT. If i can give one person peace of mind this post will have been worth it. I know i was sure as hell thankful for alot of the posts detailing their NCLEX/PVT experiences. FIRST of all. you probably passed. honestly. have confidence in yourself. I made a complete ass out of myself for 2 days after the exam. told all my family and friends i had failed and that I knew I did without a doubt. 48 hours of gloom and dramatics. My test cut off at 75. I had ALL easy questions. I was convinced I was getting them all wrong. CONVINCED. and lo and behold here I am, 2 months later, fartin around w my license Just take a deep breath and think about all the posts youve gone through already. Doesnt everyone say they think they failed when they didnt? I didnt take it seriously no matter how many times I heard it...but its true lol. everyone. thinks. they failed. But real talk. Did the PVT within 6 hours, after 24 hours and again after 36 hours. Entered my credit card info. Got the "good pop up" all three times. My result was a glorious, glorious pass. Youre going to be ok.