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  1. Hello , I am a nursing student. I have being ask to do a research paper in APA. I chose as my topic Complementary therapies in cancer patients. I find it very interesting and it's a faily new and developing industry. I starting talking about what it is and the many therapies people use and it's benefits.But, I'm having issues how to develop it. also I'm not sure how to cite in APA. Can somebody help me. ?? thanks yari
  2. Hello Houtx, and thank you for your prompt response. Very interesting indeed your comment on your experience. But yes as i am learning in nursing there is no absolutes. Although i was more prone towards thinking there was a deviation on the nurses documentation not being accurate somehow. The case is not presented in too much details. Only that the documentation was done and standards of care were supposedly met.
  3. Hello everyone, Iam a nursing student with little experince and looking for the opinions of those with more experience. I need your help. I've being asked to decide on a lawsuit where the patient filed this lawsuit after developing bedsores and decubitus ulcers while in the hospital. The expert witness did agree that the ulcers first appeared while in the hospital. But, the nurses documented that the patient was turned every 2 hours. Is this possible? The big questions is why this happened then? where there a deviation from the standards of care in this case? what are your thoughts thanks yari