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    Paramedic to RN bridge program.

    I am currently a paramedic with almost 2 decades of field and emergency department of experience...I did all of my pre requisites at a community college before beginning the Excelsior Paramedic to RN Bridge Program. It has been tough and requires self discipline to complete the nursing theory component online, but for my personal situation that was the best fit vs. brick and mortar. Right now, I'm waiting my test date for the CPNE, which is Excelsior's clinical evaluation before you can become eligible for the NCLEX. It has taken me just under 2 yrs. I would likely choose it again.
  2. Hi all, I'm recently eligible for CPNE and wondering how long did you study/prepare for CPNE? Trying to set up a study plan and schedule the exam and wanted some input. Thanks!
  3. Getting ready to take Health Safety Exam in a couple days. Been pouring over nursing theorists, nursing process and diagnosis, calcs, therapeutic communication. What did anyone else whose taken this recently struggle with on this exam?