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    Help I'm failing Anatomy for a 2nd time?

    I keep failing anatomy, this is the 2nd time taking it and I am failing it again. My school only allows 1 repeat of a failed class out of the 3 pre-req's of Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology. If I can't pass anatomy, how can I pass the other 2? Not to mention, schools will see my F from my first attempt of Anatomy. My grades in other courses aren't A's but at least they are passing. I have a strong desire to be a nurse, but I feel as though it might not happen. I just took my last exam tonight, and a lot of the questions didn't line up with the lecture videos, I tried to read the text book on the last exam, but the professor told me I don't need to read the book, just go off the videos and power point slides. If that's true, why do I keep failing? I feel like I am cramming a lot in my brain, I can't memorize all this stuff at once, its too hard, and I am not at all understanding the material, its like my professor is not speaking english. Don't get me wrong he's super cool and all, but sometimes I think he rambles on, and I'm like huh? How can I become a registered nurse? I'm afraid to go to a private school, because they go even faster with material.