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  1. Marilyn

    Any suggestions

    Hello, I recently started my first semester in Fundamentals and it has been challenging. Prior to core all my grades were excellent A's & B's. Now it seems so challenging to get a good grade, that along even a C. I'm studying so much until when I get my exam it's like okay where did this come from. Can someone shed some light on any suggestions or books I could use to help me. Thanks,
  2. Marilyn

    Brookhaven College Spring 2017

    I just recently took the Dosage Calculation Exam and I made a 95%. I studied from the library a dosag calculation book they had and also used information from a pharmacy technician book I used in school. They all really helped but the most came from printing those study guides that are under the dosage calculation review. Those really helped me. I was scared to test being I had only two shots at it. Just don't overthink, stay calm, don't cram and you will do fine. Math isn't my subject but I prayed and studied without overdoing it and I passed. So good luck to everyone with the last exam Sept. 10. 🙏😀