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  1. Med Surg 3/ Critical Care

    Thanks I’ll look into it.
  2. Med Surg 3/ Critical Care

    Hi Steve, What courses do you specialize in? Thanks,
  3. Med Surg 3/ Critical Care

    @lovecourtx thanks for responding. Is there any books you recommend to assist with answering questions that will help me to do better on my exams. I do all my readings, practice questions, Youtube, NCLEX books, you name it I’m doing it. However,...
  4. Med Surg 3/ Critical Care

    Hi is there anyone that can help me with tips or even a tutor for Critical Care/Med Surg 3? I’m a Nursing student going to my last semester and need help. Class starts January 3 2022. Thanks
  5. Med Surge 2

    Thank you all! I took my second med surge exam last week. I took my time and read each question carefully and if I started to get overwhelmed I paused and calmed myself down. I passed the exam with an 84% C. Now I must remember no changing and to tak...
  6. Med Surge 2

    Please can someone help. I’m in Med Surge 2 and I’m finding it a struggle to answer questions. I do all my readings for exams but it’s sad to say I get my exam and freeze up, everything begins to run together, I get so anxious at times I go blank. Bu...
  7. Any suggestions

    Hi! My first exam for Med Surge is next week and for pharmacology is the following week. I didn’t have to take the TEAS I took the HESI. My A&P score was good and even taking the classes I made an B in one cl
  8. Any suggestions

    Thanks so much! I will watch and keep you posted!
  9. Any suggestions

    Okay, this med surge and pharm! ??Any study tips???
  10. Any suggestions

    Thank you all for your advice. I Passed my Fundamentals! ?? now I’m headed to semester 2: Med Surge, Mental Health and Pharm 1. I’ll keep you all posted. ??
  11. Any suggestions

    Thank you all for your replies! I will definitely will keep you all posted. ?
  12. Any suggestions

    Hello, I recently started my first semester in Fundamentals and it has been challenging. Prior to core all my grades were excellent A's & B's. Now it seems so challenging to get a good grade, that along even a C. I'm studying so much until when I...
  13. Brookhaven College Spring 2017

    I just recently took the Dosage Calculation Exam and I made a 95%. I studied from the library a dosag calculation book they had and also used information from a pharmacy technician book I used in school. They all really helped but the most came from ...