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    Resigning from my job

    Hello everyone! I currently work as a CNA for PA school. I will be starting school in late June and my manager knows my plan about leaving in early June. Recently, I came across some medical issues and it is preventing me from going to work. After much consideration, I have decided to resign from my job now insted of June. I turned in the papers into HR and did all the required things. My manager does not know yet since she is on vacation. She will be back this following week. I guess I’m just worried my manager will be mad? I know technically they can’t be and I did things the right away (I even had a doctor’s note). I’m just concerned regarding my future endeavors, in case I might need a reference. I know I might be overthinking this, which I tend to do a lot. Any advice would be appreciated and please let me know if I’m worrying for no reason