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  1. I Think I Messed Up =(

    Hey there guys, I got more good news. Asides from being accepted into a BSN program, I have been offered interviews to physician assistant programs. It is looking good so far.
  2. HELP me! Im Lost! I need college advice please!

    Hello, I have just been accepted to a BSN program so I suppose I will try to speak with some experience including corrections to stuff that I messed up on. It can take up to 2 years to finish your pre-reqs before you can be accepted into a BSN progra...
  3. I Think I Messed Up =(

    Hey all, thanks for the advice. I got some good news. I have been accepted into a BSN program at a pretty good place. That may also not be the last as I have more programs pending including a shot at a PA program. I have also been getting bombarded w...
  4. I Think I Messed Up =(

    No, my veterans counselor was bad. She could not answer basic questions of "what should I do with my military transcripts?" They ended up telling me that none of would be accepted and would not even take the paperwork. Someone took the paperwork, bro...
  5. I Think I Messed Up =(

    Well, I am going to really try to make it. I have a fear of being like those homeless veterans. So many of them. And most veterans don't even use their GI bill. I am starting to realize why.
  6. I Think I Messed Up =(

    I figured but I was hoping that my 5 years of experience as a veteran could carry me since I did medicine in combat zones, around the world, clocked well over 10,000 hours and more but a lot of these places don't even ask me for any of this. X_X
  7. I Think I Messed Up =(

    I can switch location because I have the GI bill to help me. I was hoping to pursue a traditional BSN.
  8. I Think I Messed Up =(

    Thanks. I'll call around and ask. I am kind of freaking out because after 5 years of experience as a military medic, I am being forced to start from scratch like I came out of high school. I am afraid this is too much as time goes by.
  9. I Think I Messed Up =(

    Hello. I have been attending community college for 2 years now trying to do pre-reqs. I am a former military medic for the U.S. Navy (5 years). I earned an associate's degree in science. I have completed all the prerequisites but I did not do communi...