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    Could any current OHSU RN's offer insight as to typical RN to patient ratio's, scheduling practices, and acuity? This would be for a med-surg or step-down unit, not critical care. I looked at the ONA contract but these topics were (not surprisingly) not covered. I'm considering OHSU, but with very young children, I would prefer 3 12-hour shifts like Sun/Mon/Tues. Are schedules like that offered, or at least very predictable? I am coming from a level one trauma center with a BSN and 5+ years experience. Thank you.
  2. UVM-RN

    Working for NYU Lagone

    Hi, read a recent thread about the hiring process at NYU Lagone but didn't want to hijack :) For those who do work at NYU Lagone, what are your impressions of the hospital overall? If you could do it over again, would you want to work there? I understand they provide some housing, but is it hard to get into? What union do RNs belong to? I need to consider relocation for family reasons - but overall job satisfaction at a quality hospital is most important to me. Thanks for any and all insight.
  3. UVM-RN

    Pay at Maine Medical Center

    Hi, Considering relocating from Burlington VT to Portland. What should a nurse with 5 years experience, certifications, telemetry expect for hourly pay rate? Searched for old threads with pay info, couldn't find anything. Thanks for any insight you can offer!

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