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  1. Tell me about your PCU

    Hello, I recently have gone to work at a 400+ hospital. They use to have a PCU but now have decided to divide the floor into 2 units. One is called Monitored Med/Sur and the other floor is Intermediate Care Step Down Unit. Right now both floors con...
  2. Charge Nurse

  3. How much do you make?

    RN,ACLS Charge Nurse 23 Bed Telemetry Unit Base Pay:14.37 +2.50 Shift Diff.+ 2.00 on weekends Charge Nurse pay=0.50 2 years experience Made $40,000.00 with lots and lots of overtime
  4. Charge Nurse

    I have recently been asked to fill in on another rotation as Charge until someone is hired...I need some advice on how to make the best assignments, how others do reports during shift change and any other suggestions. I work on a 23 bed Telemetry Uni...
  5. I am looking for Texas Nurses, mainly in the North Dallas area, that love their job...I work in a small hospital in Texoma area..they recently accquired the competition and are going through many changes, most of the changes seem to be making the nur...