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  1. Jenna9222

    Goldfarb upper division spring 2018

    Hi all, im set to start at Goldfarb in January for the upper division. Is anyone else on here going to be starting then too? Just looking to get to know some new classmates!!
  2. Jenna9222

    Goldfarb waiting list -- what are my chances?

    Hi guys, I emailed one of the admissions advisors and asked for my waitlist number. They'll be happy to give it to you. The one I emailed told me o email him every 4 weeks or so for an update on it. I ended up getting in for the Spring about s month ago though!
  3. Jenna9222

    Goldfarb waiting list -- what are my chances?

    hello, and thank you! i applied in the middle of January and heard back the third week of march. Their website says 8-10 weeks I believe. I heard back roughly around 8 weeks. Good luck!
  4. Jenna9222

    Current goldfarb wait list?

    Hello, i applied for spring 2018 in the middle of January and I am currently #19 for that semester.
  5. Hello everyone, i just found out I was accepted into Goldfarb school of nursing at Barnes Jewish college! I was put onto a waiting for Spring 2018. I'm currently #19. What are my chances of actually getting in in Spring? Does anyone have any experiences with this? thank you! jenna
  6. Jenna9222

    UMSL program GPA?

    Hello all, I am currently 6 credits away from finishing prerequisites and applyin for the traditional program at UMSL. My GPA will likely be around 3.3, with 3.5 in prequisites. Has anyone been accepted into the UMSL program? I'm wondering what my actual chances are to get into the program. I fear my GPA may be too low to be competitive :/ i would appreciate any insight!!