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vgyore has 17 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

My name is Victoria Gyore. Currently, my professional playground is a busy California Pediatric Emergency Department. I am driven to help RN students, NP students, and new grads. The days of nurses eating their young are over. I have lived in the nursing trenches and want to share my lessons and encouragement. Look forward to talking to you @

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  1. Hydration for Nurses

    Great ideas! Love it.
  2. Hydration for Nurses

    I really appreciate the feedback. This seems to be a pressing issue in our work setting. If each of us can overcome this obstacle, the gains are huge! Maybe think about pre-hydrating the nights before work to create a good foundation. If your stomac...
  3. Hydration for Nurses

    Feeling Like A RaisinThere is nothing like a long shift at the hospital to make a nurse feel like a raisin. The struggle to maintain hydration during a ten hour shift has been getting the best of me. I noticed toward the end of my ER shift a few worr...
  4. October 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "Nothing like a little surgery to put your life in review."
  5. Off orientation, feeling lost

    Good news! Your emotions are normal. You won't feel like this forever. There are few things you can do to take care of yourself through this trying time. Journal- Writing in a journal will capture the personal growth throughout the next few months. ...
  6. Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant

    I'm pediatric NP and advanced practice RNFA. My love for the OR and procedures have sent me on a path of adventure and re-inventing my career when it gets boring. I feel so lucky to cross paths with so many encouraging Docs, NPs and PAs. They have he...
  7. Poop and the dirty side of nursing?

    I've heard many times that most things that are good for me, I will not want to do. Nobody wants to do a dirty job. Yet works of service give life purpose and satisfaction. Through my nursing career, I've learned to put my pride aside and wipe ass wi...
  8. Career Dilemma

    Pay attention to the nagging thoughts! I say go for the engineering degree. I believe all education and life experiences prepare you for the work you are meant to do. My believe you'll find a way to merge these two specialities to express your unique...
  9. Starting a new PEDS job

    I agree with the first post. Tell the truth. Think back on your childhood memories at the ER or doctor's office. One can anticipate what things will calm or stress your patients. Keep some bubbles in your pocket. It goes a long way to distract a 1-2 ...
  10. What would you say to a pre-nursing student?

    Patience You are not going to know everything overnight. Be kind to yourself. The skills and knowledge will come in time. Focus on today. Ask yourself what is the one thing I can do today that will move the needle the most. You can't do it all. Somet...