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  1. alissa10

    ATI Comp Predictor advice please!!

    Which one for the quizlet is a good one? There are so many :'(
  2. alissa10

    Clinical 'cheat sheet'

    this helps out so much thank you!!!
  3. alissa10

    better to wait till i become an NP to move?

    If you get into a good job in Alaska more than likely they will help pay for your NP
  4. alissa10

    Have lpn should I pursue Rn before moving?

    I would definitely consider being aN RN before you move. Whether it's a private ASN or online to bridge, or community ASN and then work to getting your BSN
  5. alissa10

    Ketchikan Anyone

    I havn't worked there, but it is a rural area, with lots of open space and outdoor activities. Bit expensive as well for items because its imported in. And i believe they get a good fair amount of rain during the rain season. Beautiful area though.
  6. alissa10

    Good Florida Travel Agencies???

    Florida Hospital has a lot of Travel positions available right now. you can look on at indeed.com, I also know that in lake county florida Leesburg hopital is hiring sesaonal and so it Waterman hosital in tavares florida. RN Jobs, Employment in Florida | Indeed.com
  7. alissa10

    TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome)

    How many questions were in each section? Was the math and science difficult. Any advice on those two would be great, especially since i am a horrible test taker.. Also are you allowed calculators on the teas? First time taking it in 18 days. any other advice you can give would be grea. email is alissascott1014@gmail.com thanks a bunch
  8. alissa10

    RN's In AK

    I am currently in an AS for Rn and lookin gto move back to Alaska. Any advice or recommendations would be great! I'm looking to move in the Kenai Penisula area. I'm alsi looking at the Travel positions availbe for 13 weeks. Has anyone done the reavel positions?