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I graduated during the economic downturn. Moved from CO to NYC and was super aggressive in my job search. I landed an amazing job with a residency program in NYC. I have since moved to the west coast and continue to work in my original specialty of Ambulatory Orthopedic Surgery. I hope to find my calling, but am satisfied where I am now.

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    Integrative Private Practice

    Hi milesel, I’m wondering if you found any clarity in your question? I have a BSN and am taking the Integrative Healing Arts Program offered by the AHNA. It is a great course and opens you up to so many modalities. This fall I will take the board certification exam. This is my first step to becoming an official Holistic Nurse. I too want to do more. I have looked at the program in Minnesota and also a couple of NP programs. I haven’t found anything that I love enough to take the leap of going back to school. I was interested in Naturopathic Medicine school, but I am glad I didn’t go that route. An ND just shared with me that school, at one of the private ND programs can leave you with about $250,000 in debt and the average ND make about $70,000 a year. He said he wished that he had gone the NP route and then supplemented learning the holistic therapies via CEUs. There is also a new cannabis Nurse association and learning program. They are working on an official certification program. Best of luck
  2. ekat09

    Experienced ICU RN Planning to Relocate - How Early to Apply?

    Depending on where home is, see if you can get a travel job at home or near home. Then you could have a job right away, possible travel/ move expenses paid, more time to find a permanent position, or the travel job could turn into a permanent job.
  3. ekat09

    On demand home IV therapy?

    Hello, I am always looking for different types of RN jobs. I found an ad on craigslist for Rally Life. Has anyone heard of them or worked for them? It is on demand (via an app) for IV therapy for hangovers and vitamins. This seems interesting, but I don't want to be on call for spoiled drunks. Thanks, Kat
  4. If you are eligible to work as an ADN, do it. You will gain valuable experience and open the door for jobs in the future. If you are interested in travel, experience is experience. If you are wanting a "new grad" job/residency, you would still eligible. In my new grad program we had experienced nurses that were transition to a new specialty.