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  1. I know this is old- but any example interview questions you remember?
  2. Does anyone mind sharing how the program is?
  3. emysobo

    Georgia Highlands College Lpn Bridge Spring 2019

    How was the bridge program here?! Is anyone willing to share info?! Are you able to work during it? Did you apply to any other programs?
  4. emysobo

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN Spring 2021

    I am hoping to apply as well!! I need to take Micro and the TEAS still!
  5. emysobo

    Bridge in GA

    I am attempting to bridge from LPN to RN in Georgia. Anyone here completed it? How hard is the admission process?! Thanks!
  6. emysobo

    Georgia Highlands College Lpn Bridge Spring 2019

    I want to apply for 2020 too!! Has anyone written the extension paper for a&p and micro?
  7. emysobo

    Lanier Tech Summer 2017

    Once your in the program they give you the schedule. You do not pick classes or clinicals. Before the program- as long as the classes are completed by application time they don't care how you took them.
  8. emysobo

    Lanier Tech Summer 2017

    I got an acceptance letter e-mailed yesterday about registration! I will be at Forsyth as well. I wear WonderWink scrubs right now and I really like them. Does anyone have an idea on what the class schedule looks like? I want to try to find a job while in school, unfortunately I will not be able to do my current job.
  9. emysobo

    Lanier Tech Summer 2017

    Congrats! Are you going to Oakwood or Lanier?
  10. emysobo

    Lanier Tech Summer 2017

    Sorry I never replied, I just logged in to see if anyone got accepted and saw this post. The first time I took it I got a 71, the second was a 77. I'm actually not positive what my GPA is with the required classes but I got all A's and B's. I got a call last week that I was accepted into the program!! Did anyone else get a call?! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!
  11. I found that the TEAS 6 review book was just that, a review. A very simple, vague review. The reading, math and English were about the same, I think that stuff was pretty basic- I just had to brush up on punctuation. The science was way more in depth than the review book made it. I was told it was a simple test of hs science, I never learned this stuff in hs. For example, the book reviews the integumentary system- pretty simple, what it does not go into is the layers within the layers of skin, the test asks about that. The test also asks about mitosis and meiosis, that's not in the book. All the book says is to use resources on the internet to find more info, I think that's just mean- how do you know what to look up? I found that my best help was to read through these forums and find advice on what to study, also the Kahn videos were very helpful.
  12. emysobo

    Lanier Tech Summer 2017

    I'm applying (applied) for Summer 17 as well. I also thought that classes had to be completed fall semester? And I do not know know what the registration day is, I have been communicating with the advisor since last summer and was never informed of this?
  13. emysobo

    LPN to RN- Georgia

    Hello, I am looking for advise on LPN to RN programs near Atlanta or Gwinnett, I am having trouble finding info. What are some of the better programs? I was looking at the Georgia State Perimeter program but the outline online is confusing? Any advise before I start contacting schools? Thanks!
  14. emysobo

    TEAS for LPN

    Just took my first attempt at the TEAS for an LPN program. I didn't do as well as I had hoped. My overall score was higher than the required score but the science section was my lowest score and brought my grade down. It is very discouraging....I was really hoping to do better. I studied the ATI manual, watched and used the mometrix material and watched a TON to Khan videos. I felt confident. Some of the questions were so random- when the study guide states to look information up on the internet how are you suppose to know what to study? There is never ending information. For an LPN program you are not required to take classes other than A&P 1 and a Nurtrtion class, so the education is not as strict as RN pre- requisites are. I needed to take it before the end of this year....it's my fault that I waited until last minute...I'm super bummed.
  15. emysobo

    TEAS 6th Edition S.2.2. Question #1

    There are a lot if mistakes in the book, have you gone over math yet? They will e-mail you revisions but there are still errors.
  16. emysobo

    ATI TEAS 6 Practice Tests

    What did you think of the practice tests and how they compare to the real test? Overall I did better on B than A, but the science section on B was way harder than A for me. Is the real test more of a mix between the 2? I am hoping there is more anatomy and how systems work than specific questions on cells. I have basically memorized the study guide but in almost every section it says 'look up more info on the internet', what does than mean? How do you know what to look up? I am freaking out now because I take the test on Tuesday!