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  1. So we make the patient sign a consent that says if anyone is caught using or even touching the machine/mask they will be asked to leave the facility and the Nitrous will be removed from the room. We decided to take a no tolerance policy on it and we were worried at first but we actually have never had an issue with it!
  2. Lovekaylanicole

    Should I become a CNM or Air Force CNM?

    I'm in the same boat. I want to go back for my Masters and I have always wanted to be a CNM but now that I work in labor and delivery as an RN and see their lifestyle, I'm not sure. I've been tossing around a masters in management/leadership or education. I feel like I'm at an impase.
  3. Lovekaylanicole

    Shift work and dating

    Ugh, I have the same exact problem! But, I have tried a dating website on and off for a few years with no success. I wish there were more healthcare networking..it would be nice to meet someone that understands my lifestyle.
  4. Lovekaylanicole

    CNAs give medications

    I used to do this before I became an RN. I was a CNA at an Assisted Living and I took a few hour course to become a "med tech". I always made sure I covered myself because I felt unsafe doing it. I couldn't tell any of them what their medications were for, I was just tasked with giving it to them. We frequently had missing narcotics.
  5. Lovekaylanicole

    Hurricane Irma

    I signed up for the hurricane team and we are reporting to work tomorrow at 0700 (even though I am nightshift). I was also at work for 3 days last year during Matthew. I will be there Sat-Tuesday and we get double pay. I am bringing my scrubs, PJs, linens, towel, toiletries, water, games, magazines, and snacks. They are providing meals, but I may not like what they are providing. They told us to bring our own linens this year because the amount of laundry last year was apparently ridiculous. We will hopefully be sleeping in our postpartum unit since it will be closed. Stay safe!
  6. Lovekaylanicole

    Working Toward CNM - Will Job-Hopping Make Me Look Unreliable?

    I would think you would want to work in labor and delivery to see if being a CNM is what you really want. We (labor nurses) work very closely with CNM's at my hospital. I have been debating going back for my CNM but am hesitant due to their lifestyle. I also shadowed a midwife in the office to see what they do besides deliver babies. One of our fellow midwives started as an L&D nurse at the same time as CNM school and regretted not having any labor experience. Her first vaginal exam was as a midwife student vs as a nurse. Of course everyone is different, but I think it would be beneficial.