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  1. Bella ' s mimi

    The Common Ground of Nursing

    I left my place of employment in 2015 to move to Florida. I was friends with 2 of the other nurses . We still actually keep in touch. We ve even gotten together a few times.
  2. Bella ' s mimi

    allnurses Time Travel

    Allnurses was the first nursing website I found about 6 months after I got my Lpn . I was almost 50 when I got my Lpn . My user name then was Debilpn23.
  3. Bella ' s mimi

    So, who are you?

    Hi I am a wife to a wonderful man going on 41 years ,a mother to two wonderful girls a Mimi to a 9 year going on 19 granddaughter. A sister Aunt friend . I'm also a nurse nearing retirement
  4. Bella ' s mimi

    Season's Greetings to allnurses!

    Merry Christmas Davey Do
  5. Bella ' s mimi

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    Rest in Peace Dear Esme .
  6. Bella ' s mimi

    Telling A Little Bit Of My Business

  7. Bella ' s mimi

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you for sharing . Sending hugs