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  1. Graceful_RN

    Forced to resign

    Just an update for anyone reading. I have logged back into allnursing after 4 years. Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback when I was a baby nurse. 4 years later getting forced to resign was indeed not the end of the world. After this incident I started a new job working on the med surg unit at a different hospital. I also have worked in pediatric home health. I currently work as an agency nurse and work at several different hospitals throughout my area. Reflecting back on this I was a new nurse and I needed more support and was not confident in my abilities. Also, mistakes will happen as you are a new nurse but you must be accountable for yourself and continue to learn and grow. Lastly, if you have ever been in a situation like this and are seeking encouragement just know that you are good enough, you are a good nurse and that a new opportunity will be in your future and it is not the end of the road.
  2. Graceful_RN

    Forced to resign

    So, I've been a CNA for 5 years and am a new graduate nurse. I was working at a large hospital with 4 hospitals under its system. I've worked for this hospital in the past as a CNA as well. Anyways I got a job at this hospitals neuro unit, I was very excited. Unfortunately I got off on the wrong foot. I got great training and about 2 months into being on my own I was having a rough few nights at work. I had a patient with chest pain one night and did not order the troponin. Only ordered CPK and CPK-MB. Next night I was so swamped into 6 patients and running around, that I did not report High troponin level to Doctor. I see my errors. I messed up. Just wish I could do it all over again. My manager told me how angry the doctors were. The charge nurse did help me through the night and I asked questions when needed. I just wish I would have caught this. Now there were times at the job I intervened when appropriate such as a patient with hypoglycemia and giving them glauconate or a patient with hypertension after a stroke & calling the doctor and other times I certainly caught things and used appropriate nursing judgement. Needless to say I'm out of a job have only 8 months nursing experience and so far the only thing I'm finding is home health. Not sure where to go from here. My future goals are to be a nurse practioner. Either geriatrics or fnp. I am also interested in wound care. Any Advice? I know they say you should get that 1 year hospital expierence but I wonder if it's for me?