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  1. chacha82: re $1600 is EXPENSIVE Who cares? Just take it from the taxpayers, they're used to being screwed. re CNAs do not make big money In New York state a CNA with just 12 hrs overtime per week can gross an average of nearly $16/hr = >$40K/yr. T...
  2. I am a 50-year old former teacher pursuing a 2nd career. Last Fall semester I applied to an RN program at a community college in the State University of New York (SUNY) system. This particular program had 160 applicants. Only 48 ( Most of my classmat...
  3. Frustrating... ED is Not Critical Care

    I realize this is OT but I expect to be employed soon in a CAH and so have been reading up everything I can on them. By and large the comments seem to be positive. Could the OP (or anybody) please elaborate on the above excerpted quote? Thanks!
  4. I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    These whiny posts are getting old. The two threads which are currently trending most are this one and "Why I'm leaving nursing." Both have nurses crying after 6 years. Is 6 the magic number? Both are bedside hospital settings. Who told you to choose ...
  5. Why I'm leaving nursing

    Why I Left Teaching to Pursue a Career in Nursing I just finished reading an article on entitled Why I'm Leaving Nursing” which prompted me to write this post. I decided to leave the teaching profession I once loved dearly and at c...