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  1. blacktyevent

    Creighton ABSN Fall 2016

    Hi, as a CUCON graduate as of this week i strongly discourage anyone from attending this program. This program is beyond disorganized, and in no way does it represent "the best of the best." All they want is your money, and then they inundate you with a nonsensical medley of "care management" courses that drastically fail to isolate the various specific medical disciplines relevant to the nursing profession. you will never get a comprehensive review of any system of the body or discipline of healthcare (i.e pharmacology or pediatrics). If you meet the bare minimum requirements, you get accepted no questions asked. why do i think that? well, I was previously kicked out of another nursing school and i didn't even have to interview at this one. Such precedent is relatively unheard of in nursing programs. At the end of it all i was able to pass my boards and join the top 25% of my graduating class, but it was at the cost of surrendering my academic & clinical integrity and it cost me over $60k in tuition. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, there are a few good instructors at Creighton but the God-awful ones outweigh the good at a 5:1 ratio. Especial caution to male students...you will be discriminated against once entering this school.
  2. blacktyevent

    How Hard To Get Into ABSN Programs in NE?

    you are totally fine. Creighton's 12-month aBSN program will probably accept you no questions asked. i joined it with a 3.4, 0 experience and made it through. as long as you are willing to take out loans they will take your money.

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